Are British Home Buyers Any Good? (Reviews & Complaints)

British home buyers reviews and complaints in the UK

British home buyers and other cash sale companies have been around for a long while now. The question is how do you spot a genuine quick sale company over a fake one?

There are two key areas one needs to look into to achieve this, one way is by looking into UK home buyers reviews from users. The second is to research British home buyers complaints to help see if their service is acceptable and if the average cash price offered is fair or not.

British Home Buyer Reviews

British home buyer reviews

The first thing to note when looking at British home buyers reviews is to try to make sure that the reviews are genuine - do not just trust a review on that company’s website. Look for trusted independent review sites like Trustpilot or Feefo.

When reading the reviews themselves if a number of them are short, have grammatical errors or sound like a script then it could be that these are fake reviews and have been bought by the companies to try and make themselves look real.

The average cost of redecorating a 3 bedroom house is between £2,100-£3,100 according to a painting and decorating guide on Frankly, it is a lot of money to be spending in one go, especially since you won’t even be living in to reap the benefits! This does not even include the time it will take to get in the right people for the job or do it yourself.

That said, there are plenty of positive British home buyers reviews from happy customers. A good example of a real review is one from a Mrs Jane D on Feefo:

Did everything promised to do within the allotted time frame. Recommend this company to anyone. Dealt with all legal paperwork and paid on time. Fantastic!

British Home Buyer Complaints

British home buyer complaints

It’s not all positive though, and you don’t have to search for too long before you find some British home buyers complaints.

There are property owners out there who have not only been badly let down or mismanaged by some firms, but also have been victims of British home buyer scams.

A Mr Woolrich claims to have had the price changed, just before the sale was going to go through:

The day before the completion they backed out and then offered £40,000 less than the original offer. Sellers beware, gone are the days of my word is my bond. They are out to shaft you.

Some of the big ones to watch out for include:

  • Not being genuine cash buyers & attempting to sell your party via a third party.
  • Over-estimating their initial value of the property.
  • Making false promises on a completion time.

For more information, we have published a full article on the many scams UK home buyers might try.

The Bottom Line

To answer the initial title of this article ‘Are British home buyers the right choice for me?' The short answer is yes but it depends on your personal circumstances.

The main advantages of these home buyers is that they can complete a sale incredibly quickly (sometimes in as little as 7 days). There is no need for estate agents (which means no fees and less hassle) and British property buyers will buy a house in any condition - which means plenty of money can be saved on unnecessary renovations and decorations.

In addition, selling to British house buyers as oppose to an international company means you get more of a bespoke service as they operate solely in the UK and have a better understanding of the property market.

That said, you must take your time to find the right one. It is a market full of both legitimate and dodgy companies so you need to tread carefully and make sure you can trust the people that you deal with.


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