Your Questions Answered

1How much do we pay?
As genuine cash buyers with our own funds Housebuyers4u will offer a very competitive cash price for your property. We pay up to 90% of the market value of your property, the exact figure depends on your unique property details and location of the property.
2How are we 'genuine' cash buyers?
Unlike many other so called “quick cash buyer” companies, we are not brokers or a lead generation agency, we actually buy with our own funds and do not rely on investors (we can put you in touch with reputable solicitors who have completed our cash purchases). This means we can provide genuine offers that we can deliver on that have no chance of falling through.
3Can I use my own solicitor?
If your solicitor is happy to act as fast as you require, then yes by all means do use your solicitor. If however you feel that you would like to have a solicitor recommended by us, we're happy to do so, we'll cover the cost.
4What If my situation changes and I don't need to sell?
With our service there's zero risk and zero fees. So, if you do have to pull out of the transaction, that's fine. There's no charge to us whatsoever and we'll even cover the cost of your solicitors.
5Do we buy in any location?
Yes, although we are experienced buyers in the south we buy in any location regardless of the situation or condition of the house.
6Do we really charge no fees?
We charge no fees at all. We won’t charge any commission and will also cover the official survey & valuation fee (worth £300) and cover the legal fees as well.
7Does my personal situation matter?
Whether you just want to sell quickly or have financial difficulties, going through a separation, emigrating or have got a bereavement property we can help. We can even stop repossession proceedings by your mortgage lender to allow you to sell.
8 Do I need a solicitor?
We can recommend an experienced quick sale solicitor (we cover the legal costs) or you can use your own.
9How quickly will I get an offer on my property?
We'll be able to give you an indication of the offer immediately over the phone. We'll then take it further by getting a formal valuation carried out, at our expense; there is no cost or commitment at this stage at all and we'll give you a concrete offer within three days.
10How do you work out the value of my property?
Our house buying team will utilise their experience, in house software and internet based systems to give you a valuation very quickly. We'll then send out a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor to see your property (don't worry, we will pay for this at our expense), just to check for structural problems or any other issues there might be.
11How quickly will I receive the cash for my property?
Once you've contacted us the average time to actually receive cash for the property is 2-3 weeks. It can sometimes be faster and it can sometimes be slower, if that's what an owner prefers.
12 Have another queston not listed here?
We will answer every questions our customers may have, complete the form on this page, call free on 0800 0845 025 or email us

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