How to Reduce the Stress of Selling a House

how to reduce the stress of a house sale

The stress of selling a house can affect the most competent individuals even if the market is doing well. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed we have some great information & actual case studies of real people on how you can manage the stress of moving house effectively & efficiently.

      1. Coronavirus and the Property Market
      2. Interesting Facts about House Selling that could Increase Stress
      3. How to Reduce the Stress When Selling a House
      4. How to Stay Positive when Selling a House

Before we get started on that though, we will cover some important information related to coronavirus (covid-19) and the property market.

1) Coronavirus & the Property Market

The UK went back into a full national lockdown on the 4th of January 2021. All none essential businesses were told once again to close until further notice and that includes property related businesses like estate agents.

This causes immense problems for those homeowners who were in the process of selling their homes, effectively putting a halt to it altogether! You wouldn’t be out of place here if you were to feel overwhelmed and not sure how to react or what to do next.

Below, we’ve put together a list of questions we get asked the most. We’ll do our best to provide advice and solutions for each one.

i) Is the housing market still open?

The latest official government advice tells that the property market is allowed to remain open and people are still allowed to move home providing they follow social distancing and safety guidelines.

ii) I’m in the middle of a house sale, what can i do?

If you’re in this situation we’ve listed what you can do below. Be sure to keep in mind government guidelines before beginning anything!

  1. Firstly, it’s advised that if you can delay the sale of your home or delay moving into a new one you should.
  2. If there is no possible way to delay the move/sale then you’re allowed to proceed providing you follow social distancing rules to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.
  3. However, if someone in either party is self isolating the move cannot be completed for the time being.

iii) Should i keep my house on the market?

It’s important to remember that even though estate agents have had to close their physical offices, many of them can still operate remotely and use their online services.

It might be a good idea to keep your house listed right now simply because the majority of people are bored at home with not much to do. Online house hunting is a thing so you’ll have more eyes on it if you keep it listed on the market which could result in a sale when lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

Also, do remember that it’s not like the government has blocked all property transactions. Right now they are advising against buying/selling/moving into homes that already have occupants. There is little restriction if the home is empty.

iv) What is the governments advice on house viewings?

In a nutshell, yes if you’re looking to move into a new home, you can still go to house viewings.

However, it is recommended that viewings be done virtually first if possible.

If you’re not able to conduct virtual viewings, you must follow all safety guidelines like wearing a mask, not touching surfaces, keeping 2 meters apart and also using hand sanitizer before entering and when you’re about to leave a house.

hands face space coronavirus safety guidelines


If you yourself or anyone else involved has coronavirus related symptoms it is advised to stop everything and self isolate for the required amount of time.

Now that we’ve covered covid-19 and the property market, let’s dive into the article and look at some interesting facts about house selling that can result in increased stress.

2) Interesting Facts about House Selling that could Increase Stress

4 interesting facts about house selling that could increase stress

Now let’s take a look at ways to reduce the stress of selling a home

3) How to Reduce the Stress When Selling a House

There are a number of ways to reduce stress when selling a home. In our article we’ll explain the 4 parts of a sale which usually cause people the most stress and then offer ways on how to deal with them.

In addition we’ll offer practical ‘de-stressing’ tips on how to deal with the stress if it becomes too much.

Using these de-stressing tips will not only help you remain proactive and vigilant throughout the whole sales process but also help you on how to cope with the stress of moving house.

i) Dealing with the Agent

The main interface between you and the sale of your property is the estate agent. The importance of choosing a reputable agent who’s easy to communicate with goes a long way to reducing the stress you can encounter during a sale.

In fact a survey conducted by Which? In 2017 found 47% of sellers had experienced at least one problem with their agent. Some of these can be things like pressuring you to accept an offer, or failing to get the property in front of enough potential buyers.

Claire, 32, from Newcastle realised she’d chosen the wrong agent to handle her property sale and as you can imagine, house selling stress followed soon after.7

Click here for Claires story

I went with the agent who gave me the highest valuation, but they were not the most established or best known agent in my area. Things started off well and there were 3 viewings in 10 days, but things soon went a bit quiet” she said.

Problems then mounted when the agent became more difficult to get hold of.  “I felt it was taking longer and longer to hear back from the agent on my queries, and I started to lose some trust in them. It made selling my house more stressful” Claire decided to employ an additional agent that was more well known and had previous experience selling similar property types in her neighborhood.

The new agent brought new ideas on how to market the property, had a more realistic valuation and were much more professional and proactive in keeping me up to date. It still took a few months to find a buyer and agree a sale, but the process and experience felt so much less stressful

De-stress Tip: If you are having problems with your agent, take a step back and take a breathe. Talk it over with a friend or give yourself some me time to figure out if they are the best agency to handle your property sale and if not take steps to fully research alternative options and put things back in your control. 

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ii) Getting Ready for Viewings

So imagine the stress of everyday life. Getting up and ready to get to work, taking care of the kids and all life’s general admin. Now add on top, the fact that you’re trying to sell your home for the highest price possible. You want to present it at its best at all times, with everything in place & spotless, to give it that show home appeal.

Well, there will be times when this becomes very difficult and if you have young children or pets in particular you will know it is a constant battle.

The best advice we can give here is to declutter as much as possible to leave you with less work to do before a viewing takes place.

Jess and Callum, both 38 and from Cheltenham found decluttering their house not only reduced the stress of preparing it for viewings but also made it more appealing to buyers.

Click here for Jess & Callums story

The kids had almost unlimited access to toys that would get strewn around the house. We decided to reduce the access to toys they had at any one time in a toy box and rotate them, keeping the rest in a cupboard.

We also took out the excess of personal items we had around several rooms and removed unnecessary furniture that was making the place look cluttered. Overall it just gave more light, space and a more neutral appeal to the house.

Says Jess.

The result is that you no longer have to worry about rushing back from work to tidy up or spend time on your weekend cleaning up for hours.

As a whole there feels like less pressure because you know the house looks good and has a better chance of attracting a buyer. This ends in a less stressful and more zen selling experience.

De-stress Tip: Before you have photos of your property taken for the estate agent listing, do one big spring clean and set up the house the way you want to present it during viewings. That way there’s much less stress throughout! 

iii) When Things go Slow During the Selling Process

Selling a house can be stressful when unexpected issues crop up and slow things down.

Agreeing a sale and finding a buyer might feel like the job is done, and you’re entitled to celebrate, but of course the reality is there’s still a long way to go.

There are many people involved in completing the sale including the bank or mortgage lender and solicitors on both sides.

House chain stress is also something you need to be prepared for if you’re in a property chain and need to wait for a potential buyers previous property to be sold first before they can purchase yours.

Malcolm and Pip were selling their home in Richmond, North Yorkshire when there was a major issue that meant the whole process needed to start again.

Click here for Malcolm & Pips story

We were selling and accepting a part exchange towards the cost of the property. However once the paperwork was submitted to us, the part exchange property had not been included. The whole process had to start again from the beginning pushing things back by at least a couple of months.
notes Malcolm.

The above scenario is extreme but even still delays with paperwork, surveys and lending can all be part of the process that experience delays.

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The way to look at this if it happens to you is that you are already a long way down the road to selling your property, and small delays are just part of the process. You only have a little longer to go and reminding yourself of this makes being patient a little easier and less stressful.

We’ve also found that continued delays can cause friction in marriages. If you are experience problems like that above, do not let the stress of selling your house have an affect on your marriage. Stay calm and patient – things usually work themselves out over time.

De-stress Tip: If you find yourself stressing about delays a good tip is to think of the time you are waiting as valuable and do something you enjoy for a couple of hours to regain perspective. Watch a TV show you like, do some sports or even pick up gym class where you can vent some of your frustration while keeping healthy at the same time!

iv) Moving Day

We often get asked how to move house without stress or how to reduce the stress levels of moving house – below we’ll share some ways to make moving day easier.

As if the stress of a house sale wasn’t enough, you need to finalise everything in your old property including informing utility suppliers and packing your belongings. The best way to reduce the stress involved in moving home is to be well prepared and start to pack ahead of time.

Below we’ve put together a list of 7 steps you can take which should help you to move out your house quickly & efficiently.

7 steps to move out of your house in 24 hours or less

Make moving home easier and stress free using these 7 stepsClick To Tweet

Movers in their 40’s and 50’s who are moving into their 3rd or 4th property are best placed to talk about this after learning lessons earlier on in life!

55 year old John Murray from York, first moved in his late 20’s and had been out at a friends birthday meal and drinks the day before the removals were set to turn up and below is his story on the stress of moving homes.

Click here for Johns story

Unfortunately, I was young and was more than happy to just roll along and think it would all be ok on the day. I really hadn’t thought it through and prepared enough to get my possessions ready to load onto the van.

It ended up being an exhausting and stressful day with me trying to pack up and protect items – the removals company were not too happy. There was a real chance that we wouldn’t have enough time to complete the 3 trips needed to move everything in the house on that day. That would result in huge issues and the expense of booking another day with the van. In the end we just made it, but I wouldn’t recommend it says John.

It is also worth doing your homework on the removals company you are using. Experienced removals personnel, good customer service, modern clean and reliable vans are all important if you want to minimise stress on the day.

De-stress Tip: There’s a lot involved in moving house and it’s easy to forget things. A good tip here to minimise stress is to print out a checklist 3-4 weeks before you are due to move and add things such as informing utility companies, getting packing supplies and also getting the labels for your boxes so you know the contents and rooms they need to go in.

4) How to Stay Positive When Selling a House

How to deal with the stress of selling a home and it can be very difficult for some homeowners so it becomes hard to remain positive. It’s not uncommon for some people to get anxiety waiting for a house to sell.

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The tips above show you just a few ways you can tame the stress of selling a house. The most important thing is to prepare as much as possible ahead of time and be aware that frustrating delays are part of the process.

We live in unprecedented times but remember it’s only temporary. The world has been through  pandemics in the past and always come out on top.

Although it can be tough, try not to be one of them people who are always saying things like ‘selling the house is stressing me out’. Instead try to embrace it and use the experience to improve yourself as a person!

Once the sale is completed and you have moved into your new home it might be time to go for a spa day and fully unwind from what is generally believed to be one of the most stressful things you can do in life. You’ve definitely earned it!

From everyone here at Housebuyers4u – we wish you a safe & stress free house selling experience!

Was the information in our article useful? Did it help you in reducing the stress involved in a house sale? If so, let us know how in the comments section below!

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