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I want to sell my house fast – what are my options?


What's the best way to sell your house fast?

According to Zoopla, the average time it takes for a home sale has increased to 110-115 days (Just under 4 months).

The truth is there are a number of ways a homeowner can go about selling their home, however, the important question here is which one of these ways best caters for your personal circumstances and is the right for you?

Traditional estate agents make up the majority of the UK property sales but also take time so if you're looking for a quick property sale they might not be the best option.

Here, we will compare the 3 most popular ways you can sell your house in a little more detail:


How much will you get paid when selling your house for cash?

The amount a homeowner will get for their home will vary depending on which fast cash property buyers are used.

Generally speaking, as an initial offer quick property sale companies will offer between 80-90% of the market value for your home. They will not offer full market value so be vary of false property valuations.

This figure may seem a little on the lower side, however, it's important to remember most quick house sale companies will also cover all fees associated with the sale which you as a seller would normally have to cover.

For more information on the actual fees and selling costs, check out the table below that gives an example of a £100,000 sale with our quick sale service:

Selling via an Estate agent (6 months)
Selling to Hb4u (7-14 days)
Asking price £100,000 £100,000
Average agreed purchase price £95,000 £86,000
Final agreed price after survey £92,000 £84,000
Estate agent fees -£2160 (average) £0.00
Ongoing mortgage payments -£3000 (6 months average) £0.00
Solicitors & legal fees -£700 (average) £0.00
Renovation, repairs & maintenance -£1000 (typical) £0.00 (we buy "as is")
Council tax -£800 (average) £0.00
Net price achieved £84,340 £84,000

Housebuyers4u has a long, established history of giving home owners an alternative choice when it comes to selling their home.

Currently the average time it takes to sell a house via the more traditional method (using a local estate agent or an estate agency sale) is around 5-9 months.

This is far too long in our opinion as there are numerous people out there who for whatever reason need to sell up and move on fast. This is simply not possible when selling with a traditional estate agent.

Enter Housebuyers4u - we have over 40 years experience in cash house buying and have helped thousands of homeowners sell their property quickly. We are cash buyers and have the capability to buy a house in as little as 7 days. With this in mind and our 100% no fall through (guaranteed sale) – selling with us will give you a stress free sale!

If that wasn't enough, we cover all legal fees involved with the sale. This not only gives homeowners piece of mind but also more control over the sale of their property. Furthermore, we are members of the national association of property buyers (NAPB) which means we are obliged to follow a strict code of conduct and offer the highest levels of service in the quick house sale industry.

Members of The Property Ombudsman as Quick Home Buyers

Members of Property Ombudsman

Deal with legitimate property trading company
We follow approved UK Trading Standards code

Members of Trading Standards

Following Trading Standards Institute Guidelines
Housebuyers4u are members of the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB)

Members of the NAPB

National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) follow a strict code of conduct
Our UK Home buying service has 5/5 stars from Feefo independent reviews

Members of Feefo Independent Reviews

Genuine reviews generated through Feefo's 3rd party system

Why sell your house fast with us?

You get a genuine cash sale from a reputable company without any of the home selling hassle or stress

1. 100% Free Cash Offer

As a true cash buying company we'll use our own funds and make you a competitive cash offer. We will buy any house fast irrespective of your personal situation.

2. No Hidden Surprises or Commission

We cover all fees & do not claim to offer 100% market value for a house. Our cash offers are legitimate & we do not drop the price just before completion.

3. Save £1000's on Fees & Paperwork

You can save thousands as we cover all fees and paperwork. These include, legal fees, solicitor fees, mortgage costs, survey fees & more.

4. Sell in as Little as 7 Days

Our quick house sale service has helped thousands of homeowners with house sales. We can sell your property quickly and guarantee completion in as little as 7-14 days or a timeframe that suits you.
You choose the exact move out date and can even get a cash advance if required.


Plus, our service is covered by an unbeatable guarantee

Housebuyers4u 100% No fall through guarantee

How we deliver on our guarantee

  • We will actually buy with our own cash funds.
  • There will be no middle men & or mortgages lenders involved, you only deal with us as we buy direct.
  • A 1:1 property sales adviser will be assigned to you, taking you through every step of the sale & answering any queries. We can proudly say our we buy any home process is complaint free over hundreds of completed sales.
  • Our reputable, certified & experienced quick sale solicitors ensure the very best speed & consistency.

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Sell house fast scams – What to watch out for

Unfortunately there are some companies out there that claim to be genuine house buyers but in fact are rogue companies. They use many tricks to try and get you to 'sell your house fast' with them.

According to an article by abcfinance - A CIPFA study of 80,000 cases of fraud in UK local authorities found that property fraud accounted for 71% that were either detected or prevented.

This is why it's imperative to learn & understand about various fraud techniques associated with property & companies that claim they can sell your home quickly.

So how do you know if you can trust a 'sell house quick' company?

Below are our top 3 things to watch out for before deciding which property buying company to sell with.


1) Confirm they are a true cash buying company

The first thing you need to do it confirm that the professional property buyers you've chosen are genuine cash house buyers. It is common for scammers to pose as cash buyers but in reality they are just middle men or lead generation companies.

Sometimes they are just normal estate agents will try and sell your property via traditional methods which can take up to 3 months!


2) Be vary of additional fees

Ensure you know of all the fee's you're going to be covering as part of the sale.

Generally speaking a true house buying company will cover these but rogue firms may try and charge you for these in order to make more money from the sale of your property.


3) Watch out for option agreements

Option agreements are put into the small print of your contract with the firm. One common 'agreement' used by rogue sell house fast companies comes in the form of adding a clause that allows the firm to sell your house via a third party.

If you come across something like this in your contract find another company to sell with. You are not going to get a quick cash sale!

Another way to spot dodgy companies is to check if it has any sell my house fast reviews. Legit companies will have reviews and you can learn more about this by and more by checking out our we buy any house scammers.

In addition if the company is not registered to regulatory bodies such as the property ombudsman or the national association of property buyers (NAPB) be sure to do your due diligence to ensure they are legitimate companies.

Sell your house fast Reviews & Testimonials

Check out these successful homes we have bought fast for cash

  • A 2 Bedroom property sold by housebuyers4u in Duckenfield Manchester
    2 Bedroom property in financial difficulties - Duckinfield, Manchester
    Property in financial difficulties sale completed in 8 days
  • 2 Bedroom property facing repossession in Connah's Quay, Cheshire sold to Housebuyers4u
    3 Bedroom property facing repossession- Connah's Quay, Cheshire
    Property facing repossession, sale completed in 7 days
  • 3 bedroom inherited property in Voltaire, London sold to Housebuyers4u
    3 Bedroom property in a broken chain - Meadow road, Barking, East London
    Broken chain property sale completed in 9 days
  • A house sold by housebuyers4u on Ewart road in Portsmouth
    3 bedroom relocation house sale - Ewart road, Portsmouth
    Relocation property sale completed in 12 days
  • 2 Bedroom property in Queensmere Benfleet, Essex sold to Housebuyers4u
    2 Bedroom quick sale property - Queensmere, Benfleet, Essex
    Quick sale property completed in 12 days
  • A 3 bedroom inherited property in Voltaire,Henley St, London sold by Housebuyers4u
    3 bedroom inherited property - Voltaire Ct, Henley St, Battersea, London
    Inherited property sale completed in 14 days


Sell your house faster by improving it for sale

How do i sell my house quickly for a good price?

There are a number of tips a homeowner can use in order to increase the likelihood of sale & potentially get a better price as well. Some tips work better than others so it's recommended to try all of them and see what works for you!.

Below we've highlighted our top 5 tips.


1) Declutter

Prospective buyers do not like clutter so it's a good idea to get rid of it before putting your house up for sale. Giving off the vibe that your home is spacious will definitely tempt homeowners to consider buying your home. You can never have enough space.

In addition you may want to remove personal items before viewings to allow potential buyers to feel more comfortable during a house viewing.

Decluttering will no doubt assist you in selling your house fast.

2) Fresh Lick of Paint

A fresh lick of paint is a must do if you're looking for ways on how to sell your house fast. Doing this can bring back life into any room with ease.

It will not only make your house feel lighter but also larger.

Furthermore it will make it easier for prospects to envision how the rooms could look if they were to purchase. This is much more difficult to do if the walls are bright pink or red.

3) Deep Clean & Make Repairs

Deep cleaning and making repairs is a must when it comes to selling your house fast.

A dirty home is not attractive so make sure you give it a nice clean before trying to sell it. Be sure to cover hard to reach places like under the fridge, inside the oven and the top of cupboards as well.

For repairs anything minor like broken handles or holes in walls you can potentially do yourself but if you're comfortable with that get in a professional. Don't forget to also fix things like broken tiles or damaged fixtures as these are things that are spotted easily by prospects and they could reduce your chance at a sale.

If it's not possible for you to deep clean or repair certain things, consider hiring a professional as taking these steps now will increase the likelihood of you being able to sell your property in the future.

4) Update the Kitchen

Updating the kitchen is a great idea before taking the punt to sell the property.

The kitchen is one of the most, if not the most valuable room in your house to make sure it is up to scratch. If you're not in a position to renew your whole kitchen opt to fix small things like replacing the basin and taps or refacing your kitchen cabinetry. If you have some cash spare after that consider replacing the work tops as these can also add more value!

5) Tidy up the Garden

Tidying up your garden is a must when selling your property!

What is the first thing prospective buyers see when they pull up outside your home? It's the garden! So be sure it is in good condition before you allow any home viewings. If you have a lawn make sure you cut it down to a nice size. Also, don't forget to trim the hedges and remove any excess rubbish! There are many other things you can do but the above are important if you're looking for quick ways on how to sell a house fast.

In addition to the above, it's also a good idea to learn when the best time to sell your house would be. Understanding this will allow you to make more from the sale of your property.

We often get asked by home owners 'what is the value of my property?' The above points should give you an idea of what it's worth in it's current state as well as potentially increasing it's value if all the work gets done.

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Reasons to sell your house fast

I want to sell my house fast for cash is something we get asked on a daily basis.

People will need to sell their house fast a number reasons which range from financial difficulties to wanting to sell an inherited home. The quick house sale service we offer is backed by our 100% no fall through guarantee so we will buy your house no matter the reason – We will assign you a property expert and find a suitable solution for you!

Below are some of the most common reasons why homeowners are looking to sell their house quickly.

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Common sell house fast questions & answers (FAQ)

1Why should I sell my house to your sell house fast company, rather than estate agents or other fast house sale companies?

Selling your house to via estate agents can take up to 3 months and they also charge a fee which is typically between 1-3% of the price of your house.

In addition Housebuyers4u are genuine cash buyers and do not charge ANY additional fee's. The same cannot be said about other house buying companies.

2How much of the market value do you pay?
As a cash property buyers, Housebuyers4u will offer a fair price usually up to 90% of the value when paying for a house. Our service will offer a very competitive cash only price for your property and will provide a hassle free sale. The exact amount depends on your individual property details and the area - we recommend getting our free no obligation valuation and offer to see what we can do for you.
3Do you buy houses in all areas of the UK?
We cover England and Wales. That said if you're looking to sell a property in another region contact us and we will try and find a solution. You can sell your house fast with us in the UK.
4How long does it take to get the money or cash advance?
Cash advances are given upon exchange of contracts. The remaining balance is paid upon completion (same or next day) when the keys are handed over and you move out.
5Does your company charge commissions for each sale?
No, we do not charge commission for any sale like some other property buying companies. We are a house buying company that offers a fast property sale pays for your house in cash. 
6How long will the sales process take?
We are able to complete a sale within as little as seven days. We will work with you in the time frame that you offer.
7Do I have other choices?
While we are one of the best ways to sell your house fast, of course there are other options available for selling your property. It all depends on you and your personal circumstances.
8Do I need a solicitor for quick sale?
Being an experienced quick sale company we can recommend an experienced quick sale solicitor (we cover the legal costs) when you sell your home with us. Alternatively, you can use your own.

About our quick house sale service

1How does the free cash advance work?

A cash advance provides you with an upfront lump sum of money when contracts have been exchanged.

It works by us offering you an interest free cash advance service rather than you having to use your credit cards or savings. This will allow you to live as you are during the sale of your property without incurring interest fees.

2Are you really cash buyers only?
Housebuyers4u are genuine cash buyers. We use our own cash funds to buy properties which allows us to offer our customers quick cash house sale.
3Do you buy houses in all areas of the UK?
Yes, we buy houses throughout the whole of the United Kingdom - England, Scotland & Wales. We are one of the best if you're looking for a quick house sale solution.
4Can you really get a cash price for your home and compelte the sale in under 4 weeks?

Yes. Housebuyers4u is a genuine cash buyer and is a fast house sale company. We have a cash fund in place and are able to utilise our own it at any time to purchase your property./p>

Because we operate as a cash property buyer we're able to skip the usual steps involved in a sale and complete in as little as 7 days or in a timeframe that suits you.

5Will the property sale be kept confidential and private?

Yes, we talk to all our customers & work within their requirements.

If you'd like the sale to remain sale we will make sure no sale boards are put up and keep property viewings and checks to a minimum.

6Are there any fees?

If you sell your home with us we will cover all fees associated with the sale of your house. There are no additional fees to pay such as agent fees.

This includes, legal fees, solicitor fees, survey fees & more

7How long will the sales process take with a quick house sale company like yours, timescales involved?

We are able to complete the sale of a property in as little as 7 days if needs be.

Because we buy in cash, we do not need to involve entities like mortgage lenders

Alternatively, we can work within a timeframe that suits you

8How can I be sure that I'm getting the best offer for my house

Other cash buying companies may not cover all fees relating to the sale of your property. In addition, if they are not true cash buyers they may market your property on the open market or to investors which may lead to further fees and a much lengthier sale time.

At Housebuyers4u we are genuine cash buyers with a track record to prove it. We use our own funds to purchase properties which allows us to make the best cash offer for your house. Selling your home with us is quick and hassle free.

9How quickly can I expect to get the money or cash advance?

Our interest free cash advance is made available once the all the paperwork has been signed and completed contracts have been exchanged

10Will a RICS qualified surveyor be utilused?
Yes, a RICS qualified surveyor will be utilitised and if you sell your home with us, we will cover the fee for this.
11How do you market and advertise my property?

If you were to sell your property via more traditional methods such as with an estate agent, they would have to market it on websites like Zoopla or Rightmove.

As we are genuine cash buyers and buy your property direct we do not need to advertise it anywhere. This allows us to buy your property significantly quicker.

12Do you give the best price possible?

We provide competitive offers for all homes and will pay up to 80-90% market value for your property. True cash house buying companies who will help you sell your property quickly will not offer full market value.

13How long will it take to sell my house fast?
We can complete the sale of your house within 7 days or a timeframe that suits you.
14Are you buying it or is someone else?

We are a true cash buyer and will purchase your property ourselves with our own cash funds.

Questions related to your circumstances

1Why should I sell my house to your sell house fast company, rather than estate agents or other fast house sale companies?

The average time it takes to complete a sale with an estate agent is between 3-6 months. They also charge commission & a host of additional fees.

Housebuyers4u can sell your home quickly within 7 days and also cover all additional fees.

Other quick sale companies may not cover fees so it's important to check what each company offers before proceeding with any type of sales talk.

2How are you faster than a high street estage agency?

Estate agents have to go through a very long and drawn out process when selling your home. This includes local estate agents as well.

As true cash buyers we can skip these steps such as having to advertise on the open market or secure a mortgage.

This allows us to complete a sale in as little as 7 days or a timeframe that suits you.

3Do I have other choices?

Yes, if selling your home via a cash buying company does not appeal to you, you can sell by using an estate agent, selling via auction or even attempt to sell your house by yourself.

That said, the above methods don't usually result in a fast house sale.

4Is part exchange for my house a better deal?

Part exchanging your home for a new build property could be a good idea as it allows you to avoid the stress and hassle of trying to sell your property on the open market.

That said, you will more than likely not receive market value for your property (around 85%) going down this route as well as having to pay more for the new build property in your area.

5Does Gumtree help for advertising and marketing my house online?

Websites like Gumtree, Facebook & ebay can be a good way to get more eyes on your house, however, there is more risk involved.

These types of websites often feature scammers (more so when it comes to expensive items or assets) who may try to deceive you into selling with them. Things like dropping the price at the last minute or using shady solicitors to carry out false paperwork are common scams.

Housebuyers4u is a regulated quick sale company that follows a strict code of practice so selling with us is safe and hassle free.

6Can I directly advertise on portals like rightmove or zoopla myself
In order to advertise on portals like Rightmove & Zoopla you need to be a qualified estate agent or auction house.
7I'm struggling to find a home buyer for my property?

Selling your home is a tough and often long drawn out process.

Homeowners often struggle with this for a number of reasons and some of the more common ones include:

  • Overvaluing a property
  • Using a bad estate agent
  • Your home is in poor condition

Many of the reasons homeowners struggle to sell their homes (including some of the above) do not affect us here at Housebuyers4u because we are cash buyers. So if you're tired of dealing with estate agents get in touch with us and we can help you figure out if our sell house fast service is for you.

8My house is under threat of repossession, credit cards and financial difficulties

House repossession can be very scary. However, we here at Housebuyers4u buy any house in any location regardless of your personal circumstances.

During our time as cash house buyers we have helped many homeowners stop the repossession of their homes & clear any debts quickly and efficiently.

If you need to sell your house fast simply get in touch with us and we can work out whether our sell house fast service is right for you.

9How can you help if I am in arrears of my mortgage payments and facing financial difficulty?

Regardless of your financial situation, we as true cash buyers can help by purchasing your property fast and releasing the equity in your home.

This will allow you to clear any debts or arrears you may have accumulated

In addition, we're able to provide you with a cash advance so you're able to stay on your feet and not using you own funds while the sale is processing.

We offer a fast sale and completion date can be within as little as seven days!

10I'm going through a divorce, how can you help?

We can help by keeping the sale of your home discreet and completing in as little as 7 days or a timeframe that suits you.

We will only view the property to confirm our cash offer and to carry out an independent survey.

In addition you don't need to worry about any additional fees such as agency fees & legal costs as we cover them all.

11The title deeds are not registered in my name – can I still sell fast?

We can only liaise with the legal owner of a property to carry out a quick cash sale.

So unless you have a legally certified Power of Attorney, it is not possible to sell on behalf of someone else.

About the amount that is paid for your property

1How much of the market value do you pay?

We pay anywhere between 75-90% of the market value for a property

2How will you value my property

We are able to value all properties using our in house valuation software.

This in conjunction with our property experts knowledge helps us provide you with a fair market value for your property

3How is the market price of my property calculated?

Market value is calculated using our in house property software and the knowledge of our property experts.

We also take into account a variety of other factors which include property location, time of year, state of the market and more!

About Housebuyers4u

1How long has Housebuyers4u been buying homes quickly
We have been buying properties for over 4 decades and have helped & advised over 6000 homeowners with the sale of their property.
2How are you a reputable company I can trust

Housebuyers4u is one of the most regualted companies in the quick sale industry.

We are members of 3 major property industry regulators and they are:

  • The property ombudsman
  • Trading standards
  • National association of property buyers

In addition, we also have a 4.9 customer score on independent reviews site Feefo along with a 4.7 score on Trustpilot and many positive reviews on Google.

3What quick sale guarantees do you offer
We will give you a guaranteed cash offer with a 100% no fall through guarantee that we will buy your house - this is only something genuine cash buying companies can offer.
4Explain Housebuyers4u 100% guarantee promise?

Our 100% guarntee can be spilt into 4 parts:

  • We are a genuine cash buying company so we will purchase your property with our own cash funds
  • We will assign a specialist 1-1 account manager that will look after you and guide you through every step of the sale
  • We work with certified & reputable solicitors who specialise in quick sales who carry out the required legal work fast & efficiently
  • There are no mortgage lenders or middlemen involved during the sales process. You deal with us direct.

Housebuyers4u can offer you a fast sale with a completion date of seven days if needs be!

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