Relocating or Emigrating: Should I Sell my House?

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Homeowners often struggle to decide whether it’s better to sell their home or hold on to it once they’ve decided to relocate to a different city or emigrate abroad.

It can be a tough decision as there are both pro’s and con’s for each of them and making the wrong decision here could have a negative impact on the start of your new lives.

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Relocating or Emigrating and Keeping your Home


1) You can generate extra income by putting your property on rent

One advantage of keeping your UK home when relocating or emigrating is that it allows you to generate some extra income which could be in the form of rent.

Having some extra money coming into your bank account after having moved away is definitely a big bonus and may allow you to settle in easier at your new place.

In addition to renting out your home for cash, if you have a separate garage/driveway or a car you won’t be taking with you (if you’re emigrating) consider renting them out as well for that little bit extra.

2) You have a backup option if you do not enjoy your new home

Moving to a new place is almost always an exciting experience. That said, there are times when a move away doesn’t work out and many people fail to cover themselves in this regard.

People are usually too busy spending their budgets on things for their new home and keep nothing in reserve just in case something unexpected were to happen.

By keeping your UK home, you’ve got yourself covered so if you really don’t enjoy your new home you can always move back whenever you like!


1) You may have to pay a firm or someone else to look after your property

Keeping your old home is fine but now that you’re not going to be around, you will either need to pay a firm to look after it or have someone you can trust keep it in working order.

If you decide to put the property on rent you’ll have to pay an estate agent to manage it since you won’t be around which will eat some of your potential profit.

Leaving a home unattended for long periods will cause more issues over the long term which is not recommended.

2) You may have to start paying extra taxes including capital gains tax

If you decide to keep a property in the UK while you live abroad and it makes more money from rent than your personal allowance (£11,850 in 2018-2019) then it’ll be eligible for taxation.

You may also be liable to pay capital gains tax on any profits made from selling or renting your property in the UK.

Click here for more information about Capital Gains Tax.

Relocating or Emigrating and Selling your Home


1) You get a total fresh start to begin the next chapter of your life

For some people relocating or emigrating away comes out of necessity. Whether the reason be something more personal like divorce or something common like wanting to move closer to family they get to do so in the form of a fresh start.

This fresh start is very important for some people as it allows them to move on and not hold onto the past. When you have nothing to go back to you’re always looking forward and have no reason to go back.

2) Cash injection which should give you some financial stability

As exciting as moving abroad can be, it can be quite intimidating at the same time. You don’t really know anyone or the living costs involved to maintain the lifestyle of your choice.

By selling your home in the UK you get that extra boost in cash which should help you settle down much easier and not worry too much about overspending and the like.


1) No ‘Plan B’ if something goes wrong at your new home

Although it’s not very common for a person to absolutely despise a new home to the point where they feel they cannot stay there at all, these things do happen so it’s always better to be prepared.

People often forget to plan for ‘a rainy day’ and blow their budgets on new things rather than saving it. If you’re one of these people consider what would happen if you were to find yourself in a bad situation. Be smart and always plan ahead!

2) Returning to the UK is tougher as you have no place of your own

By selling your property in the UK it makes returning (even if it’s just for a holiday) much harder because you don’t have a place of your own to come back too.

In addition to the pro’s and con’s there are a number of other common situations and questions home owners are often not sure about when it comes to relocation or emigration. We’ll cover some of these below.

Should I Sell my House Before or After Relocating or Emigrating?

Firstly, we recommend you only even consider this as an option if you’re financially stable.

Secondly, the answer to this lies in your personal circumstances. If you have someone who can watch over your property or rent it for you while you move away and get started with your new life then go for it. However, if you want one thing less to worry about after you move into your new home then it’s better to sell up before you move out so you can focus all your energy on getting the best out of your new life.

If you’re in a situation where you’re only moving because of work and the firm you work for is covering your living expenses then it may be better keep your home and rent it out for that little bit extra in monthly income.

I Need to Move Fast but my House Won’t Sell

This is a very common issue among homeowners and it can be very problematic.


There are times when homeowners get caught in the hype of relocating or moving abroad they forget that they have to sell their home in a set amount of time or for a certain amount BEFORE they can complete the purchase of their new home and move into it.

Ask yourself the following at the very start of your move before doing anything else:

  1. Is there a pre-set date that I need move out?
  2. Do I have any work or other commitments I need to take of before I leave?
  3. Do I need to achieve a certain sale figure for my current property in order to fund my new one?
  4. Can I afford to pay for my new home even if my old home is stuck on the market?
  5. Do I need to book in a moving company? (An international moving company if you’re moving abroad)

By answering these questions before your move you are preparing yourself just in case something unexpected were to crop up!

Why Isn’t my House Selling?

Unfortunately, even if you’ve prepared yourself fully, as a homeowner you could still suffer negatively in the form of not being able to sell your home. There are many reasons for this, some of which include:

  • Market conditions.
  • You have priced your property too high or even too low.
  • Poor advertising.

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