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Our team are the experts when it comes to the UK property, operating since 2007 they have been asked to advise, review and provide insights for various leading national papers, online websites and property portals.

We have great relationships with the some of the UK's best journalists and are often asked to offer insight into anything and everything property related.

Everything you need to know on where and how to find a rundown property to buy

A journalist from the metro reached out and asked us to comment on where and how to find a run down property to buy. Being a house buying company that will buy any house in condition, we were able to provide relevant commentary on this as we have personal experience in purchasing all types of homes.

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How an underground tunnel & wine cellar could potentially double the value of the Beckham's home

Housebuyers4u was asked to value a number of celebrity homes which included David Beckham's mansion. We used our experience as property valuators as well as our in-house property software to predict the new value of David's cotswolds home.

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How much do quick sale companies really pay for a house?

As we are a genuine house buying company, nethouseprices reached out and asked us to comment on how much a true cash buying company will really pay for a house.

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How to spot and avoid scams in the quick sale industry

Being one of the few true cash house buyers, we were asked to provide insider information on some of the scams that go in in the quick sale market and how to avoid them.

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How will coronavirus (COVID-19) impact your house move?

When the coronavirus first hit and lockdowns started to come into effect we were asked to comment on the virus will impact a house move.

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How house prices have increased in some postcodes and why it was good news for these areas

In this article we were asked to provide commentary on some of the reasons why property prices may have increased in some cities more than others. Using some key data and our expert knowledge of the property market we were able to leave some interesting comments.

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Could Ed Sheeran’s country estate lose £1m in value due to renovations?

Housebuyers4u was asked to value a number of celebrity homes which included Ed Sheeran's mansion. We used our decades of experience to value the property as well as give our predictions on whether the renovations done to the mansions will increase or decrease their value.

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How to get a quick sale when selling your home & what to avoid

Housebuyers4u provided some key tips on how to get a quick sale including some information on what s to avoid to increase the likelihood of the sale going through.

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