Property Cash Buyers: Comprehensive Review 2023

Property Cash Buyers was originally founded by Daniel Morgan, when he and his team started buying up properties in the UK during the 2008 recession.

After doing extensive research on the industry, Morgan realized that countless homeowners were having trouble selling their homes, or were stuck in complicated sales chains, forcing them into selling their homes to investors or cash home buyer for massive discounts.

Morgan's solution was to create Property Cash Buyers, a platform designed to match homeowners looking to sell with the absolute best matches on the market.

Now, directly on the company's website, they make a few impressive claims, such as offering guaranteed property sales, no fees, sales in as little as 7 days, free cash valuations, and helping sellers sell for as much as 100% of market value?

While these are all great claims to make, are they true?

Are Property Cash Buyers different from other similar companies?

And do they actually help homeowners obtain the BEST price for their properties?

In the following comprehensive review, we're taking a deep dive into Property Cash Buyers to help you find out whether the company is all it's cracked up to be, or if their website is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

Let's go!

Property Cash Buyers was started in 2008, when Daniel Morgan and his team began purchasing properties in the UK during the 2008 financial crisis.


The company offers quick cash sales, assisted property sales, and lease option sales, which provides their customers with more options than other similar cash buying companies.

What you'll find in this article

In this article, we've put together the most comprehensive online review of Property Cash Buyers.

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  1. Property Cash Buyers: Main Details
  2. How Property Cash Buyers Works
  3. What are the Pros & Cons of Using Property Cash Buyers?
  4. Property Cash Buyers vs Other Quick Sale Companies
  5. Property Cash Buyers Reviews
  6. Our Verdict
  7. FAQ

Property Cash Buyers - Main Details

In the midst of the 2008 global financial crisis, Property Cash Buyers emerged as a solution to all the problems that homeowners in the UK face during the daunting task of selling their properties.

Founded by Daniel Morgan and his dedicated team, Property Cash Buyers has since become a trusted name in the UK estate industry, offering innovative solutions to homeowners in need.

The company operates entirely through their online platforms, making the entire process of selling a house remarkably convenient for homeowners across the UK.

They buy houses and service all areas of the UK, and from Bath to Wrexham, the company has established itself as a reliable option for homeowners seeking to sell their properties with ease.

Unlike many other cash buyers in the market, Property Cash Buyers distinguishes itself by offering three distinct types of cash sales, providing homeowners with greater flexibility.

These services include quick cash sales, assisted property sales, and lease option sales.

In conclusion, Property Cash Buyers has carved a niche for itself in the UK estate market by offering innovative solutions and unwavering support to homeowners.

So on that note, let's dive into some of the facts surrounding Property Cash Buyers.


Property Cash Buyers Factsheet

 *Data updated and correct as of 10/06/2023


What Services Do Property Cash Buyers Offer? 

  • Quick Cash Sales: For those seeking a rapid transaction and quick access to the equity in their homes, Property Cash Buyers can complete a sale transaction in as little as 7 days. This is a great way to dispose of a property quickly, but homeowners will likely end up selling for significantly below the full market value of their homes.

  • Assisted Property Sales: For homeowners who are need in need of a quick sale, the assisted property sale is a popular option. With an assisted property sale, homeowners enter into an "option agreement," which enables the company to purchase the property "near market value." Once the agreement is signed, the company markets the property to their national network of estate agents at a fixed price. This option can be compared to selling via an estate agent, but there's much less hassle to the homeowner.

  • Lease Option Sales: Lease options are an innovative solution for homeowners who want to sell their property while retaining some control over its future. The Lease Option creates a tenancy between the homeowner and the company for a period that ranges anywhere from 2 to 10 years. With this option, the company calculates the current and future value of the property, and comes up with a fixed rental price. Essentially, the company takes over the liabilities of the property, which includes the mortgage and insurance payments, while the homeowners gets the ability to continue living in their home.

  • Free information - Lastly, on their website, visitors can find a number of guides and blog posts related to home-ownership and selling a property on the UK estate market. This content can be helpful for those who still aren't quite sure whether or not they want to sell, or for those who are just looking for more information on getting the most value for their homes.

Are Property Cash Buyers Legit?

Yes, Property Cash Buyers appears to be a legitimate online platform for valuing and selling properties in the UK.

That being said, the company does not appear to have a headquarters, or any substantial information about who runs the company.

We've also noticed that, despite claiming to have helped more than 10,000 homeowners per year, there are only 75 reviews on TrustPilot and a single review on ReviewCenter.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that Property Cash Buyers isn't a legitimately company, but it does raise a bit of a red flag, which we'll examine more below.

How Property Cash Buyers Works

On their website, the company claims to provide a simple 3-step process, starting with a free 60-second online valuation, followed by a formal cash offer, and ending with the completion of the sales transaction.

However, a bit further down on their website, you'll find a more comprehensive explanation of how they work, which consists of 10 steps.

  1. Complete the online valuation form or call - The initial step is to contact the company via their 60-second online valuation forms, or by the phone number listed on their website.
  2. Receive your free valuation  - Once the company nails down the details of your property, they'll provide you with a free property valuation. 
  3. Reviewing your options - As mentioned, there are multiple types of sales offered by the company. These will be shown to you so that you'll be able to make the best decision for your particular situation.
  4. Company helps you decide on the best option - The company's customer service team will help you review your options and will be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  5. RICs survey - Your property will be visited by a RICs surveyor who will provide a more accurate valuation of your home.
  6. Valuation confirmation - The surveyor's valuation will be compared to the initial valuation, and any changes in valuation will be discussed with the homeowner.
  7. Establishing timelines - The company can buy properties in as little as 7 days. However, they can also take on longer time frames to suit the needs of their customers.
  8. Final details - Legal details, deeds, insurance will be discussed and finalized with solicitors on both sides of the transaction. 
  9. Cash transfer - Once everything is complete, the property's title will be transfer to the new owner, and the cash will be deposited into the seller's bank account.
  10. Sales completion - At this point, the sale will be completed, and you'll be free to move on with your life.

The Pros And Cons Of Working With Property Cash Buyers

As with selling to any cash house buyer, there are both advantages and disadvantages to working with Property Cash Buyers. 

The Pros

  • UK-based company - Property Cash Buyers operates remotely and services virtually all areas of the UK, ranging from Bath all the way to Wrexham. All towns and cities serviced can be found at the bottom of the company's website.
  • Free property valuations - Even if you're fully decided on selling your property, you can use Property Cash Buyers' website to get a rough estimate of how much your home is worth.
  • No fees - When selling through Property Cash Buyers, there's no legal or solicitor fees charged to the seller at all.
  • Multiple sale options - Instead of solely offering quick cash sales, Property Cash Buyers offers quick cash sales, assisted sales, and lease option sales.
  • Custom timescales - Property Cash Buyers can have your home sold in as little as 7 days. But they can also take on longer time-frames, giving homeowners more options when it comes to moving.
  • Chain-free sales - Because the company is a cash buyer, or they'll connect you with a cash buyer, there are no complicated sales chains that have the potential to fall through.
  • Free and helpful content - Directly on their website, you can find information about owning or selling your home.  

The Cons

  • Limited information - Although there is some background information on their website, there's not much information relating to their team or who operates the company.
  • Limited reviews - Although they do have reviews on TrustPilot and ReviewCenter, there are only a limited of reviews and relatively poor ratings.
  • Online only - Unlike other similar companies, Property Cash Buyers does not appear to have a headquarters anywhere in the UK. Although this doesn't mean that they're not worth dealing with, it may be a red flag for some homeowners.


Property Cash Buyers Vs. Other UK House Buying Companies

Below, we’ve highlighted some of Property Cash Buyers' ratings, reviews, and customer testimonials compared to other UK house buyers, such as GoodMove, Ready Steady Sell, Springbok Properties, or We Buy Now.


Property Cash Buyers Customer Reviews And Testimonials

TrustPilot Reviews Google Reviews ReviewCenter
75 reviews N/A 1 review
1.3 score N/A 5.0 score

*Reviews are updated and correct as of 10/06/2023

Directly on the company's homepage, you'll find links to customer reviews on TrustPilot and another review website called ReviewCenter.

At first glance, this seems promising, that is, until you actually click through to these review websites to find that the company only has a 1.3 score on TrustPilot and only has a single review on ReviewCenter.

What's more, on TrustPilot, only 33% of the company's reviews were five-stars, whereas, the company has a total of 44% 1-star. These results only leave us wondering why the company's reviews are so bad.

Now, we could sit here and postulate on why the company might not have great reviews.

But let's take a look at what their customers are saying instead.

What are some of the good and bad things people are saying about Property Cash Buyers?

Alarming, the very first review we saw on TrustPilot, from Jax Sparks, states they believe the company may be a scam.

Just can tell this is a scam company beware public.

Jax Sparks on Property Cash Buyers

Similarly, the second review on TrustPilot stated that the company didn't actually provide them with any valuation information, and that the company doesn't comply with EU data protection regulations.

Put my details in today. Had 0 result for valuation of my property.
Received an email, wanting confirmation if my details, When I clicked on their privacy policy it returned " Oops page not found" Property Cash Buyers need to read & comply with EU data protection regulations. Tried to unsubscribe & remove my details, no means or avenue available to me. Beware. You have no control over the personal details you divulge & they do not comply with laws to keep details secure!!

Maureen Fitzgerald on Property Cash Buyers

Unfortunately, scrolling down TrustPilot, we've found a number of similar reviews stating that the company appears to be a scam, or that they're simply not worth dealing with.

But there were, thankfully, a few customers who've had good experiences with Property Cash Buyers.

For instance, Joy, states that Property Cash Buyers helped her sell her property after she'd had it on the market for 9 months.

Excellent service from Andy and the team who helped me sell my property after being stuck on the market for 8 months. We were getting plenty of viewings with our Estate Agent but nobody was making offers which we could accept. After searching I found property cash buyers who explain their process and managed to sell my house within 2 weeks! I'll certainly be recommending them to my friends. Thanks guys.

Joy on Property Cash Buyers

And in another 5-star review, Susan Hawkins, says the company provided her with clear advice on the sale of her home.

Phoned Property Cash Buyers as did not know how it worked. They gave me very clear advice and explained everything to me. Although we have not taken up their offer as yet, I would not hesitate to accept their offer if needed by us. The time they took to make sure I understood the procedure was quite remarkable.

Susan Hawkins on Property Cash Buyers

Now, as you can see by checking out these sites for yourself, there are both positive and negative reviews...

However, we've found that there are significantly more negative reviews than positive.

On another note, Danielle1983, which is the only review on, states that she did, indeed, have a good experience with the company.

The company offers a free online valuation and cash offer. I'd recommend them if your trying to sell your house quickly and don't want to pay any fees. Great service and very fast response to my questions.

Danielle on Property Cash Buyers

Does Property Cash Buyers help homeowners obtain the best price possible?

Despite all the negatives, we did find one review stating that Property Cash Buyers did help her obtain a good price by getting potential buyers to bid against each other for her property.

I've been asked to review their service and I have to say I'm more than impressed. I was looking to sell my mothers home after her going into care. It was a difficult time and the company spent time to really ensure things went smoothly. They put you in touch with several agents who basically bid against each other to get you the highest offer. I recommend their service to anyone looking to sell without an estate agent or long wait.

Sandy Morris on Property Cash Buyers

Is Property Cash Buyers' online valuation tool any good?

When selling to a cash buyer, it's a good idea to expect a sale at below market value. However, to get a good idea of what your property may be worth, website visitors can use the company's free 60-second online valuation tool.

In a 5-star review, Linda Hickman states that the found the website very useful for research.

This is my first time looking at the price of my house and I found this site very useful thanks to researches

Linda Hickman on Property Cash Buyers

On the other hand, Stefan Fletcher, states the company's valuation tool gave him a low-ball offer, which was only about 75% of market value.

The speed and politeness of the original person was good, however they lead you to believe it will be a much higher offer so you go through all the questions. Simply not high enough by a long shot, 75% of market value is not acceptable.

Stefan Fletcher on Property Cash Buyers

And in another less-than-stellar review, Andy states that he received a "very low valuation."

Pleasant service but very low valuation. 85 to 90 % of "market value" was mentioned in the first phone call, at which point I said goodbye.

Andy on Property Cash Buyers

Does Property Cash Buyers have any awards, or have they been featured on prominent websites?

No, we cannot find any information linking the company to any rewards, nor can we find any information about the company being featured on any prominent websites.

They are, as mentioned, featured on TrustPilot and ReviewCenter, but as we've seen the reviews aren't all that great.

That said, you can find a link to the company's Twitter (now known as X) page near the bottom of their homepage.

Property Cash Buyers - Our Final Verdict

Overall, we do not have a very good opinion about this company.

Their website appears fairly professional. But when you dig a bit deeper, the red flags start popping up one at a time.

For starters, the company claims to help more than 10,000 homeowners per year. And with those numbers, you would expect that there would be a significant number of people leaving good and bad reviews about the company.

However, when you visit TrustPilot there are only a total of 75 reviews, with a whopping 44% being 1-star reviews. At the same time, they only have a single review on

So overall, it just seems a tad suspicious that, with so many customers, the company only has 76 people who were willing to leave a review.

On another note, we also found that there were multiple reviews stating the company was a scam, or that they offer very low-ball offers.

However, their free home valuation tool may be able to provide you with a bit of information on the approximate value of your home. 

Feel free to check out the company's website for yourself, read their reviews, and form your own opinion about this company.

Property Cash Buyers Factsheet - (Free Download)

You can now access all the key information about Property Cash Buyers in the Factsheet infographic we have created below.

Simply click on the image or the link that appears after the factsheet, and it will automatically download it to your device!

Property cash buyers house buying company factsheet

Click here to download Property Cash Buyers Factsheet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1Are Property Cash Buyers any good?
Despite claiming to help 10K homeowners per year, the vast majority of reviews we've found indicate that this is not a good company to deal with.
2How long does it take Property Cash Buyers to sell a house?
The company claims they can help sell your home in as little as 7 days.
3Does Property Cash Buyers charge additional fees for using its service?
No, there are no additional fees or hidden charges when dealing with this company.
4How much will Property Cash Buyers pay for my property?
From the reviews we've found, Property Cash Buyers will offer anywhere between 75% to 90% of your home's market value.
5Which areas of the UK do Property Cash Buyers operate in?
The company operates in all areas of the UK, from Bath to Wrexham.
6Are Property Cash Buyers true cash buyers or do they operate as a middle man?
Property Cash Buyers offers both quick cash sales, and assisted sales where they sell your property through their network of professional estate agents.
7Is Property Cash Buyers a member of the NAPB & NAEA?
No, they do not appear to be affiliated with the NAPB or the NAEA.
8Is Property Cash Buyers registered with The Property Ombudsman?
No, they do not appear to be affiliated with The Property Ombudsman.

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