How to choose a quick sale company to buy your house

Why might I need quick buyer?

In the current climate even though there are not very many buyers out there, there are still individuals who need to sell their homes fast. You may be struggling financially and you need to finance a separation or sell up before your home gets repossessed. It could be that you have inherited a home but you do not wish to keep it. Whatever the reason, there are probably times where you just wish someone would ‘buy my house now’ more so if you have had it on the market for a while.

How do they buy houses quickly?

So how do quick homebuyer companies buy homes so quickly? The simplest way to picture this is to imagine a buyer who wants to do a cash deal to buy your property. In the case of HB4U it’s a company, rather than an individual but the principle is the same. They make you a cash offer, and all you have to decide is whether the offer is to your liking and whether it will allow you to solve your current problem.

How do I choose a company?

The more obvious choice first is to pick the company who are offering you the best deal but with that you should do some research. You want to make sure you are dealing with reliable and trustworthy people after all. Essentially, you need a buyer with a number of characteristics, so ask yourself whether the company is:

  1. Reliable and trustworthy

Although mentioned already, this point is very important. Make sure to do some thorough research on the said company .Don’t be afraid to ask around and seek testimonials from customers, or to ask questions about any aspect of the process. A trustworthy company will always give you a promt and straight answer.

  1. Flexible

You are making a big decision by selling your property and in turn are likely to be very busy. The buyer needs to work around your needs, not tell you how it should be. They need to be able to value your property when it is convenient for you, and adjust schedules so that any payments come through to you before you need it.

  1. Realistic

This goes hand in hand with treating you fairly. In all contact with you, the company buying your property needs to be realistic about expectations. They should be able to tell you straight forward how much your property is worth (even if it’s not the same as your own valuation), if a viewing schedule can be made at the time you want & anything else related to your property which may be of an issue at a later date if not discussed right away.

  1. Understanding

Any transaction is a partnership of sorts, and selling a house is no exception. A company that understands your situation is much more likely to be able to help you in the way you need, and provide relevant advice, than one which only cares about completing the next sale.

A company that fully understands your needs can cater for you better on all levels. If the company puts in the effort to understand your situation they are much more likely to be able to help you in the way you need them too. They can provide relevant advice, offer support & devise a plan which will suit your needs.

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How Housebuyers4U will buy your house for cash quickly and fairly

The enquiry form will ask you some basic questions about the property, for example, the location, the type of property, details like the number of bedrooms and whether it has parking or a garage, and what the general market value of the property is.

Once we have the details, our team will value the property and make you a cash offer within hours.

This will typically be lower than the asking price of your property. (Tip: To roughly estimate the value of your property visit Zoopla and plug in your property details). However, bare in mind you won’t be paying any commission to estate agents or any fees to solicitors the bottom line won’t actually be much different than if you were selling to an individual, except the process will be much quicker.

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