11 essential things to check before you sell to a cash house buyer

Couple going through their house buyer check list

The 11 essential points are:


1. Do your own research – If you get valuations from different estate agents and companies you can assess yourself whether the offer made by the cash house buying company is fair or not.


2.  Make sure you look for the best in the business – shop around, read reviews so there is less hassle later on.  Also, make sure you look at different benefits they offer & pick the one which suits your needs.


3. In general. a company with credentials is much more trustworthy. Check whether or not the company is registered with The Property Ombudsman or Ombudsman Services.


4. It’s always good to negotiate the terms and conditions and offer price with the firm.


5. Make sure the buyer puts any final agreements in writing. Verbal agreement carry huge risk & are simply not good enough.


6. Selling your home is a big decision. Make sure the firm gives you sufficient time to make a decision. If you’re being pressured into a sale it may be wise to change to another business!


7. Be thorough with any contract agreements or important documents. Read everything carefully & always ask if you have any questions.


8.  A cash buyer’s main appeal is it’s ability to buy your house within an average of 3 weeks. If it takes any longer you may want to re-evaluate whether you are using the right company. Stay away from companies that tie you to a long contract.


9. Honesty is key & works both ways. If you have provided all the right information but the organisation you are selling too is messing you about & not providing the correct information or giving you unfair offers, ask them for clarification or find a new one.


10. Double-check all agreements before you sign. Do not sign the agreement until you are %100 satisfied with the offer and all legal checks are complete.


11. Once you are satisfied, get the offer in writing and sign on the dotted line.

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