The Pro’s and Con’s of Purchasing New Build Homes

Pro's & Con's of new build homes

There are both pro’s and con’s to buying a new build home. As each person is different we have listed a few of each so people can make a decision based on what works for them.

The Pro’s of Purchasing a New Build Home

1) They will save you money

One of the main ways new build homes will save you money is by reducing your bills. On average new build homes are 4 times more energy efficient than older homes. They come packed with double-glazing windows, the most up to date energy efficient central heating and hot water systems, water efficient dual flush toilets and aerating taps. This not only saves you money but helps the environment as carbon emissions are reduced.

The infographic below shows the average saving of new builds compared to older properties.

Pro's of a new build home statistics

Source: www.new-homes.co.uk

From the infographic above  you will notice that your savings will only increase when new properties are built with the 2016 regulations.

2) Built for our lifestyles

New build properties are built to cater for modern lifestyles so if you move into one there is very little that you will need to do.

You can move straight in and don’t have to worry about things like redecorating or moving things around because it will have everything you need. You don’t need to get your hands dirty with painting or any other manual labour.

Furthermore, many new homes come equipped with modern design elements that make things easier for modern couples such as walk in wardrobes and showers.

3) Safe and secure

New build homes come with the latest technology built right in which generally makes it more safer.

Things like alarm systems, speaker systems, internet wiring come part of new build homes and all of these make your home safer and secure.

4) Chain free

Purchasing a chain free home may not be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a property but it can save a lot of time and heartache later down the line.

Chain free basically means that the seller of the property is not looking for a new house to move into after they sell their current one. This will make it more likely for the sale to through.

The Con’s of Purchasing a New Build Home

1) They are built on smaller plots

One big disadvantage of moving into a new build home is that they are built on smaller plots so if you’re looking for a nice garden to go with your new home, you won’t get it with a new build home.

2) You will probably be living on a building site

Unless you purchase the very last home of a development you will have to deal with living on a building site for a long while.

What does this involve exactly?

  • Muddy roads everywhere, dust, dirty roads.
  • Loud noises (hammers, drills etc)
  • Lack of privacy.
  • Access issues (workers trucks blocking entrances etc)

3) Smaller rooms and lack of storage

As stated earlier, new build homes are built on smaller plots which means not only will you suffer from not having a garden but you can expect smaller rooms and lack of storage space throughout the house.

Developers will scale down furniture and put less of it in to try and combat this so be vary.

4) Difficult to sell & add value

Firstly, if you wanted to sell your ‘new’ home before the development in your area has sold out you are going to be in direct competition with the remaining homes the building company has left.

Your home, in essence will be ‘second hand’ by that time meaning you will have a hard time selling it as well as having to sell it for less.

Secondly because a new home normally comes with everything you need it is hard to add value to the property itself. The only real way would be to add an extra bedroom or bathroom but even this would be difficult because of the small plots new homes are built on.

The Bottom Line

All in all it comes down to personal preference and current circumstances. New builds can work for some people because they cater more towards their personal needs. At the same time, they be a bad option for others because they don’t suit your lifestyle.

We hope our article provided you with some valuable information so you’re able to make a more informed decision as to whether you should purchase a new build home or a standard one!

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