Improve your Homes Security by Following these 8 Simple Steps

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Home is the place everyone can agree they feel the most safe. After a long days work most of us always look forward to getting on that couch or bed and just relaxing for a while. However, no matter where you live there is always a chance your home may be a target for burglars! It’s unfortunate but sadly the truth.

According to the Office for National Statistics between June 2015 to June 2016 there was a recorded number of 398,406 burglary incidents. Although this number is 2% lower than that of the previous year this is still an alarming high figure and home owners should do everything in their power to ensure they are not victims of burglary.

Do not be one of them people with the mindset ” it will never happen to us ” because the fact is the people who do get burgled are the ones who were least expecting it!

It is not all doom and gloom though, there are steps you can take to ensure your home is safer and more importantly stays safe at all times. Lets get started.

1) Review the outside of your home

Start by reviewing the exterior of your property and make sure there are no broken windows or doors. If you do find damage anywhere make sure nobody can get access to your property from these areas until you can them fixed. Focus on the all entry points and work out how you can make them more secure.

In one third of all house burglaries, thieves manage to get through an open door or window without forcing an entry so it is essential to secure these areas.

2) Add in a security system/alarm

Burglar alarm

This is essential for maximum home security. Try to get one that comes with an off-site monitoring system that will be alerted if a possible security breach occurs at your home.

Also be sure to change the security code for your alarm on a regular basis.

3) Make sure your windows and doors are secure

As stated earlier, in one third of all burglaries, thieves manage to get into your home through an open window or door without forcing entry.

To secure your windows make sure your locks are working and operable. Also consider installing aftermarket window locks which allow you to open the window a little while still keeping it secure.

For doors, be sure to replace any weak locks. Your door should be strong and have a solid core. You can add a latch onto them from the inside to make it that extra bit secure.

4) Add exterior lights

Thieves in general love the dark. It gives them the cover they need to go about their business without anyone noticing.

That is why, if you don’t have them already, you should buy and install outdoor lighting with infrared motion sensors and install one near each point of entry. By doing this, if someone walks onto your porch or into your garden, it will light up revealing them instantly.

Lights will also help to eliminate any potential hidings places. For example, if your shrubbery is too tall or high you may want to install a light around that area or just get it cut to make the area more visible.

5) Add security company signs and stickers

ADT alarm system

Although this may seem minor, it will more than likely play on any thieves mind psychologically. Even if you don’t have any security systems that warrant a sticker, keep them there in a visible place for all to see.

6) If you’ve just moved in be sure to change the locks

This goes without saying but people can get lazy and often forget to do this. Even if you have lived at your address for a while, it is good practice to get your locks changed on a routine basis.

Do you want the possibility of someone you don’t know having a key to your house? We think not!

7) Hide your valuables

Again, this is more for people who have just moved in as thieves are known to target people moving into new homes but either way, you do you not want to be showing off your most valuable items for everyone in your street to see.

You may consider investing in a home security safe to store items in as well.

8) Remove the ‘hidden’ house key

Remove the hidden key

Leaving spare house keys ‘under the carpet‘ or ‘next to the pot near the garage‘ is a big no. The problem is a burglar will know where to look and find your hiding places with ease.

Keep it simple – whoever needs a key to your house should have their own copy and are responsible for it. Alternatively, you can leave a copy with a trusted neighbor.

We are confident implementing these changes will undoubtedly make your house more safer allowing you to relax and keeping your mind at ease.

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