39 Reasons Why Homebuyers Won’t Buy your House (Checklist)

39 property buyer turnoffs

So you’ve decided to sell your house? If so, our checklist is exactly what you need! With so many ‘how to‘ guides out there already we decided instead to put together an ultimate checklist of possible home buyer turn offs that could deter them from buying your property.

This list comes from decades of experience in the housing market and from talking to thousands of home owners both looking to and sell and purchase homes. It’s worth noting that there are some points in our list that will be totally out of your control but trying to avoid as many of these as possible will go a long way in helping you sell your home.

One of the 39 points below may be the reason a buyer decided not to purchase your house. Be smart & don’t take that risk – complete the checklist below!

Home Buyer Turn Offs – Inside of the House

home buyer turn offs - inside your house

First we’ll take a look at the property buyer turn offs that are situated inside of the house.

1) Bad Smells: This seems fairly obvious but you’d be surprised how many home owners forget to get rid of smells from food, cleaning products, damp and even paint. Before you put your house up for viewing be sure to have a nosy through every room.
2) Poor Security: Poor security can come in the form of having old/worn out locks, doors and windows but also by not having a home security system or alarm.

3) Small Room Sizes: There’s not much you can do about small rooms if that’s how your home has been built, however there are home staging techniques that could be used to make your rooms appears larger.
4) Clutter: Clutter can take many forms one of which includes personal items. Be sure to put them away or in storage before any house viewings take place.

5) Damp Stains: These stains look very unpleasant and can also cause smells. Firstly get in a professional to make sure you don’t have a big damp problem and then go ahead and paint over them using the correct type of paint.
6) Run Down Fixtures & Fittings: Any kind of run down fittings and fixtures should be replaced with newer ones as nobody wants to move into a home where things look tacky and on their way out.

7) Poor Broadband Connectivity: Nowadays everyone not just wants the internet, they need it and at fast speeds. If your home is located in a broadband black spot with little to no connectivity you could have a hard time selling it to potential buyers.
8) Bad DIY: Bad DIY sticks out like a sore thumb. Do yourself a favor – if you’re putting your house up for sale, get in a real professional to do the job.

9) Messy/Dirty House For the most part home sellers usually do a decent job of cleaning through homes before they go on sale, however more often than not people will try to skip some ‘harder to get to‘ cleaning areas which are not always checked to homebuyers. Don’t make the mistake of missing these areas and risk the sale of your house.
8) Old Wiring & Electricals: Nobody wants to deal with having to change the whole wiring system right after they move into a new property for obvious reasons. If you’re intent on selling your house and your wiring system hasn’t aged well, you may want to consider replacing it before putting it on the open market.

11) Unexpected Property Problems: If your home has any pressing issues it’s wise to disclose them to potential buyers right away. Not being up front about issues like structural damage and allowing buyers to find out for themselves or worse from someone else is only going to deter more people from purchasing your house.
12) Lack of Storage Smaller homes can’t really do much about this but storage space is a big plus for house buyers with families. If you have little to no storage space try to find creative ways to make additional space such as adding multi tasking furniture and also by making full use of ‘dead’ space via shelves or something similar.

13) Small Kitchens: Small kitchens are another turn off for many property buyers. Again if your home already has a small kitchen there isn’t much you do. That said, you can try to add space by doing simple things like finding a new place for your washing machine, clearing away extra clutter and adding storage helpers.
14) Dark Rooms with Poor Natural Light: Walking into a dark gloomy room is a sure fire way to put off a buyer. If you have small windows and very little light coming into certain rooms you can combat this by adding mirrors opposite your largest window (so natural light can bounce off of it) & also by adding metallics to the room.

15) Outdated Boiler or Central Heating: Both these can be very expensive to replace so it’s very common for homebuyers to back out of a sale if the home is running off an old boiler or central hearing system.
16) No Double Glazing Windows: Although not as common as it once was, there are still homes out there that do not have double glazing windows. Not only do they help preserve heat and reduce energy bills, double glazing windows also help improve home security.

17) You as a Seller: One thing many home buyers dislike is an over zealous seller. People don’t like to be hovered around or hounded over every little thing so the best thing you can do as an owner is let the viewers check out the house as they please and then ask them if they have any questions later.
18) Low Energy Efficiency Rating: Low energy efficiency rating means higher energy bills and nobody wants that! It also means you won’t attract the ‘Green‘ crowd of buyers that prefer to purchase environmentally friendly homes.

19) Your House Number: This is very rare and even a little silly but there have been times when people have backed out of a sale due to a properties house number!
20) Controversial Items: If you have any controversial allegiances or even follow a certain religion it’s more practical to keep such items hidden away during a house viewing.

21) Signs of Pets Living in the House: Not everyone is a pet person and some buyers will totally disregard a house if they know a pet’s been living there. Try to eliminate any pet odors and replace any damaged furniture if you think it may cause someone to avoid purchasing your home.
22) House in Poor State of Repair: Broken furniture and torn carpets are not something a potential buyer wants to see. Be sure to fix anything that is broken or on it’s way out before a house viewing.

What do you think about our checklist so far? Have you implemented any of them? Leave a comment at the end of the article and share your experience with us!

Now let’s take a look at the house buyer turn offs that are located outside of the house.

Home Buyer Turn Offs – Outside of the House

property buyer turn offs - outside your house

1) No Garden: Although not every buyer cares for a garden, the majority usually expect something outside their house. Of course if your home does not have one there isn’t much you can do but without one you are at a slight disadvantage and won’t be able to attract all types of buyers. This can also affect the overall house price of your property as well.
2) Unfinished Building Work: Never start a house viewing if you have building work going one. Potential buyers visit a house trying to envision what their new home will look like. By having unfinished work there, you make it harder for this to happen. If you’re bored at home then getting the jobs might be time well spent .

3) Illegal Home Improvements: It’s not uncommon for homebuyers to build extensions and the like without getting the required planning permission. If you’ve done this and a buyers find out their going to back out of the sale.
4) Swimming Pools: Swimming pools are a dream during spring and summer times but after that they become more of a headache. The maintenance, time and cost involved in running a swimming pool is very high so unless someone is supremely well off, having a swimming pool is seen as a big turn off for many.

5) Poor Kerb Appeal: Kerb appeal is basically what your home looks like from the outside (namely the garden). Homeowners seem to forget that the first thing a buyer see’s is the outside of your home, not the inside. This is why it’s important to make sure the kerb appeal is on point before you begin booking viewings. Even if it’s just simple things like mowing the lawn and trimming down some bushes, first impressions can make or break a potential sale.
6) House Not Connected to Mains Gas: Although one can simply hire a company to get you connected to the mains gas, it’s both a big job and can end up costing a fair amount of extra cash so it will no doubt put off some potential buyers.

7) None Standard Exterior Walls: The main problem with none stand exterior walls like pebbledash is that the wall coverings don’t last forever and a decision on whether to remove or re-do it needs to be made at some point. This can cost fair amount of time and money. In addition these types of wall coverings are not liked by many which results in them not wanting to purchase a house at all.
8) Filthy Exterior: As we explained in a previous point, the first part of your house a buyer see’s is the outside so it’s your job to ensure that you do everything you can to make it look as clean as possible. Things like getting rid of excess rubbish bags, washing down windows and making sure there isn’t any dirt on the walls are some of the things you can do.

Lastly, let’s look at some home buyer turn offs located in the neighborhood as well as some other factors.

Home Buyer Turn Offs – The Neighborhood

property buyer turn offs - the neighborhood and other factors

1) Noisy Neighbors: Sadly there isn’t much you can do about noisy neighbors yourself but it still remains a big turn off for potential house buyers.
2) Student House Next Door: Having a student living next door can be very annoying for working families as late night partying and loud music is not something working professionals want to deal with when they have work at 6am the next day.

3) Unfriendly Neighborhood: People like to reply on their neighbors to watch out for them so if your home is situated in a not so friendly part of town with high crime rates it can become very difficult to sell your home.
4) Traffic Noise: Another big turn off for homebuyers is traffic noise. This is usually only when your house is situated on a main road. Let’s be honest nobody wants to hear the sound of traffic in the early hours of the morning.

5) Rubbish Strewn Neighboring Gardens: This is another of the points you can’t really do much about but still remains a turn off for buyers. If your neighbors are not looking after their homes and rubbish is piling up in their gardens and entering the street and other gardens at the same time, don’t be surprised if nobody wants to buy your house.
6) Dilapidated Neighboring Properties: What this basically means is derelict properties in and around the area of your house. Yes, it’s true there’s nothing you can do about this but it still counts as a home buyer turn off because if properties around your house are an eye sore, potential buyers may not want to live in that area.

Home Buyer Turn Offs – Other Factors

1) House is Priced to High: If your home is priced too high you won’t get enough people viewing it! An easy way to price your home fairly is to look at similar houses in and around your area and see how much they have sold for.
2) Poor Quality Photos of the House: With Websites like Rightmove and Zoopla being utilized more and more, it’s essential for you as a home seller to take a set of high quality photos that can be used to show off your house online.

3) House is Priced to Low: If you price your house to low potential home buyers make become skeptical as to why it’s on the market at that price. You really want to find a good middle ground and use that figure to sell your house with.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it, 39 potential home buyer turn offs you should do your best to avoid when selling your home.

As we stated earlier in the article, it’s almost impossible to correct all 39 points because some of them are totally out of your control. That being said, you should do your best to avoid as many of these as possible.

Accounting for as many of the 39 points in our list as you can will give buyers little reason to skip out on your home and give it the best chance of a sale!

We hope you’ve been able to gain a little from reading our article and from all the team here at Housebuyers4u, we wish you the best in the sale of your property!

Did you like our list or would you like some more advice regarding a specific point? Let us know using the comments section below!

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