7 Fantastic Ways to Improve your Homes Kerb Appeal

Fantastic kerb appeal

1) Paint & number your door

It sounds simple but people tend to neglect this. We recommended going for a color you are comfortable with or one that would complement the rest of your house. If you want to be safe go for a neutral/flat color like plumb or black. If you are a bit more confident pick a matt or washed out color.

Remember a front door that looks good can be hugely cheering for someone stepping into a house for the first time.

Adding a number is so easy and can have a huge affect on potential buyers. Use it to echo your houses style so buyers can start imagining what your house will look like from the inside before they even enter.

2) Add porch furniture & lighting

Adding some porch furniture can transform your house from the front and make it look much more appealing to potential buyers. Adding in small ornaments, a bench or even a cozy glider will only add value to your home.

Extra lighting can give your porch a whole new look. Big pendant lights, solar lights along the front will dazzle potential buyers. Take pictures & show them how it would look at night or even suggest they come by when it’s dark so they can get a fuller experience.

You can even add lights to different areas of the garden. Hide them in tree’s or conceal them in the garden path or drive. Good lighting around the garden is unseen.

3) Clean up your entrance gate or replace it

You can make your own decision on whether your gate needs replacing or just cleaning up. Try to make your gate entrance reflect on the rest of your house. Add pillars, small details, ornaments etc depending on what type of property you’re looking to sell.

4) Get clean

Get clean when improving kerb appeal

If it’s within your budget, get in professional cleaners as they make a world of difference. Cleaning the windows and light fittings will make everything brighter and lighter on the inside and more attractive on the outside too. Also, don’t forget about your carpets or rugs if you have any.

A real deep clean is needed. Scrubbing woodwork, surfaces, ornaments and grouting will make everything feel fresher and newer. Polishing silverware and door furniture will make a home look more appealing. You can even use pressure hoses in the garden & to make your porch look brand new!

5) Repair driveways and paths

Stonework & cement is known to crack and crumble over time. Look up & down your whole driveway and fix or touch up anything that looks worn out. This will give your pathway a new fresh look for all to be seen.

6) Add flowers or greenery – even in small spaces

You don’t need a big space to add flowers or greenery. Any house that has some nice looking flowers around leading up to the door looks beautiful.

Landscaped beds with colorful planting and box hedges set off the front of a house will look great for bigger spaces. For smaller spaces you can add box hedges or plants at either side of the front door or on the porch.

7) Do up your garden

This is probably the biggest job at all but if done right your garden can make a bold statement on the street and be a joy to look at.

If you are not a gardener, hire one. If you do not have the budget for it only add things you know you can maintain. Install a small paved area & add some porch furniture around it for example, simple plants, ornaments, bark etc. Basically anything that will make your garden look appealing but at the same time is easy to maintain.

If you enjoy gardening, you can go all out. Make it look as beautiful as you can. You can even get in a landscaper if you have some really interesting ideas.

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