The Top 10 Most & Least Expensive Places to Rent in the UK

Expensive places to rent


The cost of renting in the UK can vary a lot – the main variant being where in the UK you are looking to find a flat or home. Flat share website Easy Roommate revealed earlier this year, the top 10 places to rent a double room in the UK.

As reported by Landlord News, a normal tenant, on average pays around £492 per month for a double room. This is a whopping 13% increase from last years figures when the website reported that the average rent £435 a month!

Buying vs Renting – which one is for you?

The most expensive places to rent a double room in the UK

There were no surprises when the reports revealed the Capital London as the most expensive place to rent a double room. The figure currently sits at £700 per month which is an increase of 8% on the end of 2014.

London has and will always be more expensive but experts fear it may get out control and the UK government may have to take measures into their own hands just as Berlin did when it became the first city in Germany to introduce a cap on what landlords can charge new tenants.

Betsey Dillner, the director of Generation Rent has said:

We want to see a cap on all rents with a mechanism to boost supply – landlords would be permitted to charge more as long as they paid into a local fund to build social housing.”

Betsey Dillner

Furthermore, the ONS has released some interesting statistics on the most expensive places to live where the average rents exceed 30% of the net pay of most.

Average rent exceeds 30%

Source: ONS/BBC

Oxford and Surrey make up the the top 3 most expensive places to rent a double room with the figures sitting at £578 (Oxford) & £562 (Surrey) per month.

You can find the 10 most expensive places to rent below!

Most expensive place to rent

As you can see the majority of cites with higher rent are located in the south of the UK!. Moving on, now we can begin looking at the the least expensive places to rent a double room.

The least expensive places to rent a double room in the UK

The crown for the least expensive place to rent a double room in the UK goes to Belfast with the average rent being a mere £283 per month! The city of Bradford comes in second with the average rent being £322 making it close to £50 difference between 1 and 2. Sunderland rounds off the top 3 with rent sitting at £326 per month.

For those looking for cheaper rent rates, these are definitely cites you may want to consider. Simply log on and search through websites such as Rightmove & Zoopla and you will know if there is something out there for you!

It’s worth noting however, just because the rent is cheaper or more expensive in one city does not mean you will save more money. You have to consider other factors such as the average wage of the city, average property price and whether that city is right for you. Tenants often propose to purchase properties from their landlords so if this something you may consider in the future be sure you pick the right one to begin with.

You can find the 10 least expensive places to rent below!

The Top 10 Least Expensive Places to Rent a Double Bedroom in the UK

By looking at the both the infographics above, it becomes clear that if you want to live in the south of the UK, you will have to pay more rent but as mentioned earlier in the article, the areas where rent is higher – the average salaries are too. Cities further north such as Bradford and Leeds have much lower rent costs so if that is something that you are looking for then be sure to check out these areas.

Each person will have their own set of unique circumstances, see which cities are a better fit for you and make a decision based on that – that is the best advice we can offer anyone who is looking for a place to rent.

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