Don’t Miss These 5 Important Areas When Cleaning a Property

Don’t Miss These 5 Important Areas When Cleaning a Property

When you’re cleaning up a property it can be too easy to just cover the obvious parts – a quick flick round with the vacuum cleaner and a wipe here and there. If you’re in a rush to move in or out yourself, or you’re trying to line-up a new tenant, then a quick-and-easy fix can be tempting.

But problems can occur later on. New occupiers may become frustrated by hidden dirt being found, and trying to deduct additional cleaning costs from tenant deposits can become difficult to agree. With hindsight you can suddenly realise that a little bit of ‘TLC’ at the initial stage can pay dividends later on, not only through cost savings and less frustrations but simply a better looking and feeling property.

Therefore here are 5 often hidden and forgotten areas of a property to be aware of to make the most of the first and hopefully last clean.

1. Outside Areas

Even if the weather is poor and you’re not even bothered about outside areas, still make sure you address them as future occupiers certainly will be. Check any external garages, shads, and stores, as although they often don’t need to be spotless, at least some basic tidy-up can help.

Plus watch out for general clutter on outside areas and patios, from cigarette butt ends to old barbeques.

2. Storage Areas

Out of sight does not mean out of mind, so check all the nooks and crannies at the property.

Right from cupboards under stairs, to basement and loft areas – you can soon discover a mountain of old rubbish as well as nasty things like cobwebs and insects.

3. Upper Areas

By simply raising your eyes you can soon discover a whole array of issues.

A popular one is a range of high-level cobwebs in ceiling-wall corners, but also watch out for lamp shades and curtain rails for all kinds of grime lurking away.

4. Furniture Areas

Even though these may be never moving, watch out for hidden mess inside and within them, as well as underneath.

Free-standing items like sofas and tables can be obvious, but even more permanent ones like kitchen units also need fully checking.

5. Glass Areas

Window cleaning is a job in itself and not always a necessity, but at least address the obvious areas that people will see.

So glass panels on the front and internal doors, and windows where the sun shines through and looking particularly messy with no curtains or blinds to shield them.

Cleaning Up Your Act

So when you’re arranging a clean-up of a property, don’t just focus on the obvious and glitzy items that you first see. Even where there is a different occupier or owner taking over and you’re hoping to just do the basics, watch out for this coming back to bite later on.

These above 5 items can therefore be easily included within your first clean to make sure a proper job is done with no comeback. Whether that’s yourself or appointed cleaners, add these on the to-do list and see your troubles washed away.

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