7 Property Problems that May Leave your Home Unsellable

Problem properties can come in any shape or form. As a homeowner you’d be wise to take some time out to learn and understand the main types of property problems that could affect your home so if any were to crop up, you can deal with them efficiently and not risk your home becoming unsellable in the future.

7 Property Problems that may leave your home unsellable infographic

The infographic above lists 7 potentially dangerous property problems that could leave you with countless sleepless nights and undue stress you can certainly do without. Let’s take a look at these problems in a little more detail.

1) Troublesome Tenants

If you’re a landlord who has ever managed rental properties then you’ve no doubt encountered troublesome or hard to deal with tenants. These tenants can often suck the life out you for a number of reasons, some of these include:

  • Tenants who have stopped paying or don’t pay rent at all.
  • A tenant who refuses to leave the house.
  • Tenants who keep the house in poor condition and don’t maintain the property.
  • Tenants who won’t sign a new lease.
  • A tenant who refuses entry to the landlord or trades person so it can be refurbished.

It can be very hard to deal with these type of tenants as there are various laws and legal procedures a landlord must abide by and follow before an eviction can take place which can also take a very long time.

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2) Damp Issues

Damp in a house is not only very damaging to the property but also it’s occupants as there are many health issues that can come from people living in damp and mouldy places.

In general home buyers stay away from properties where damp is present as it can prove tough and tricky to deal with. In addition, getting rid of damp and then damp proofing a house is not cheap so potential buyers prefer not to get involved. There are a number of different types of damp that could affect your home and they are:

  • Rising damp.
  • Condensation.
  • Penetrating damp.
  • Damp from walls and floors drying out.
  • Damp from poor plumbing.
  • Chemical damp.

Click here for more information on different types of damp that could affect your home.

3) Structural Problems

Structural problems are another type of ‘problem property’ that can be very hard to deal with depending on he severity of movement in the property.

Generally speaking, most houses will go through some kind of movement during their lifetimes but because the movement is very slight, it rarely causes any issues. However, it’s not uncommon for homes to have big structural movements and this is when the problems start as these large shifts in movements can compromise a properties safety leaving it unsafe to live in. Furthermore, these large movements can often cost a huge sum of money to repair which leaves your average homeowner in two minds as many of them simply cannot afford to pay for the repair work to be done.

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4) Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is one plant you definitely do not want growing anywhere near your home. Also known as Fallopia Japonica, it is a fast growing weed that can stop your chances of getting a mortgage or selling your house all by itself.

The weed can cause substantial damage to your property because it grows out fast taking over gardens in no time at all. It’s estimated, in the right summer conditions Japanese Knotweed can grow up to 4 inches per day!

Other issues surrounding this plant is the price and how long it can actually take to get rid of completely. It’s estimated to remove of a small patch you’d be looking at around £1500 plus 6 months of your time!

For homeowners who do have Japanese Knotweed present in their homes thought’s like ‘will anyone ever buy my house‘ are sadly very common.

For more advice on how to deal with Japanese Knotweed visit the RHS.

5) Tree’s Hindering the Property

If you have tree’s growing in and around your home, it could prove hard to sell. If the tree’s are not maintained, they could lead to a host of problems for your property which include:

  • Tree’s growing out so much that they begin to hinder gutters and drains.
  • The roots of a tree growing out so they effect the foundations of your property.
  • Tree roots growing out of the surface in and around your home causing cracks and damage to your driveway and other areas of your home.
  • You may have been issued with a TPO (Tree prevention order) which makes it so you aren’t allowed to remove a said tree regardless of how close it is to your property.

6) The Type of Construction

The type of material your property is built from can also have a bearing on how easily you can sell it. The following are some uncommon build types that could prove difficult to sell on as lenders are less likely to mortgage them.

  • Timber frame.
  • Steel Frame.
  • Concrete framed.
  • Prefabricated (also known as prefab homes which are dwellings that have been manufactured off site in sections and then assembled together at a building site)

7) Issues with Leasehold, Freehold and Management Companies

It’s fairy common for leaseholders and homeowners alike to have issues with leasehold, freehold and management companies.

Leaseholders who are looking for a mortgage on a property can struggle if the lease has less than 70 years remaining on it as lenders and building societies simply won’t agree to it, making the property unmortgageable thus scaring away any potential buyers.

Freeholders can become difficult to negotiate with when leaseholders come around to try and extend their leases and sometimes even start ignoring people all together. Leaseholders with little experience and funds can struggle to get their lease extended at all.

Management companies that manage leases often become aggressive and try to rip off leaseholders by charging them extortionate fee’s and being very unfair during the whole process. This again will put off many buyers from your property as people simply do not want the extra hassle.

A Final Word

Selling ‘problem properties’ via traditional methods can be a tough ask as your typical home owner just wants to buy a property they can move into right away without any issues. Problem properties generally require a lot of extra effort and even if you were to sell the house cheaper, people would still think twice before purchasing it.

That said, it’s not all doom and gloom.

We here at Housebuyers4u guarantee to buy any house in any condition even if it has any ongoing ‘problem property’ issues. In addition with us, you won’t have to worry about any ‘we buy any house scams‘ as we are genuine cash buyers and have the cash reserves in place to purchase a property at any time.

If your property is a victim of one of the above problems then we could be exactly what you’re looking for.

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