Here's How to Check Your Home Buying Company's Track Record: (Quick Guide)

how to check proven track record of a house buying companies

Don't get caught by empty promises from unreliable companies.

Here's our step-by-step guide on how to verify a company that buys homes for cash track record, ensuring a smooth and reliable sale

Step 1) Directly Ask the Company

Start by contacting the sell house quick company and requesting information about their track record.

What to Do:

  1. Prepare Your Questions:

    • Ask about Transaction Volume:
      • "How many transactions do you complete annually?"
    • Inquire About Timelines:
      • "What is your average timeline for closing sales?"
    • Request Examples:
      • "Can you provide examples of recent sales, including timelines and outcomes?"
  2. Contact the Company:

    • Reach Out:
      • Use email or phone to contact the company.
      • Clearly state your request and specify the information you need.

Below is an example of an email you can send to the company you want to use to sell your house

Email template to request a home buying company's track record

Direct communication allows you to gauge the company's transparency and willingness to share their success record. This interaction can reveal a lot about the company's reliability and openness, which are crucial for a smooth transaction.

Step 2) Consult Your Conveyancer

The Law Society of England and Wales emphasises the importance of using a qualified conveyancer when selling property. They state:

A conveyancer can provide crucial insights into a buyer's credibility and help verify their claims.

Consult your conveyancer to verify the company's claims and gather additional insights.

What to Do:

  1. Discuss the Company:

    • Share Information:
      • Provide your conveyancer with the information you received from the house buying company.
    • Ask for Insights:
      • Inquire if they have had any experiences or any issues with the company.
  2. Request Verification:

    • Check Public Records:
      • Ask your conveyancer to check public records and other sources to confirm the company’s track record.
    • Seek Additional Sources:
      • Request your conveyancer to look into other reliable sources to validate the company’s history and performance.

Why It Matters: Your conveyancer has access to legal records and industry insights that can validate the company's claims. This professional verification adds an extra layer of confidence in your decision-making process.

You can find qualified solicitors who may be able to advise using the link below:

find a property solicitor UK


Step 3) Check Online Reviews and Testimonials

where to find online reviews for home buying companies

Check Online Reviews and Testimonials

Look for customer reviews, success stories and testimonials that mention the company's ability to meet sales deadlines.

What to Do:

  1. Visit Review Sites:

    • Trustpilot:
      • Go to Trustpilot and search for the company.
      • Look for reviews that specifically mention timelines and deadlines.
      • Pay attention to the overall rating and read several reviews to get a balanced view.
    • Google Reviews:
      • Use Google Reviews to find customer feedback on the company.
      • Search for the company’s business listing and read through customer comments.
      • Focus on feedback related to how quickly the company closed sales and their reliability.
    • Yelp:
      • Check Yelp for additional reviews and ratings.
      • Look up the company and read through customer experiences.
      • Specifically look for mentions of sale completion times and any patterns of delays or timely transactions.
  2. Evaluate Testimonials:

    • Company’s Website:
      • Visit the company’s website and look for a testimonials or reviews section.
      • Pay attention to testimonials highlighting their ability to meet deadlines and provide efficient service.
    • Cross-Check Independent Sites:
      • Compare the testimonials on the company’s website with reviews on independent platforms like Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and Yelp.
      • Ensure consistency between the testimonials and independent reviews to verify authenticity and reliability.

Reviews and testimonials provide real-world insights into the company’s performance and reliability. Customer feedback can reveal patterns of timely or delayed transactions, helping you make an informed decision.

This step is crucial as it lets you gather firsthand experiences from other clients, offering valuable perspectives on the company’s track record in meeting sales deadlines.

Step 4) Double-Check with Independent Sources

search companies house for legitimate company

Use third-party resources to verify the company’s track record.

What to Do:

  1. Check Business Directories:

    • Use Companies House:
      • Visit the Companies House website.
      • Search for the company by name to verify its registration and history.
      • Look for consistent filings and updates to ensure the company maintains its legal obligations.
    • Review Filing History:
      • Check the annual returns and financial statements for accuracy and consistency.
      • Note any irregularities or missing filings, which can be red flags.
  2. Review Industry Reports:

    • Industry Performance Reports:
      • Look for industry reports that mention the company’s performance.
      • Use resources like financial news websites and property market analyses to gather insights.
    • Market Analyses:
      • Read market analyses that provide a broader view of the company’s position within the industry.
      • Consider reports from reputable sources such as financial magazines, industry publications, and research firms.

Why It Matters: Independent verification adds an extra layer of credibility to a company’s claims. By checking third-party sources, you ensure that the company’s history and performance are accurately represented, providing a clearer picture of its reliability.

Final Thoughts and Key Takeaways:

Verifying a home buying company’s proven record of success is a critical step in ensuring a smooth and reliable property transaction. By following these steps, you can confidently assess the company's ability to meet sale deadlines and deliver on their promises.

Summary of Steps:

  1. Directly Ask the Company:

    • Contact the company and request information about their transaction volume, average timelines, and recent sales examples.
  2. Consult Your Conveyancer:

    • Share the company's information with your conveyancer and ask for their insights and verification.
  3. Check Online Reviews and Testimonials:

    • Visit review sites like Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and Yelp to read customer feedback.
  4. Look for Industry Recognition:

    • Identify any industry awards or certifications the company has received.
  5. Verify Through Independent Sources:

    • Use business directories like Companies House to check the company’s registration and filing history.

Key Takeaways:

  • Proactive Verification: Early verification of the company’s track record helps prevent potential issues and ensures a reliable transaction.
  • Professional Insight: Consulting with conveyancers and using independent sources adds an extra layer of credibility to the company's claims.
  • Customer Feedback: Online reviews and testimonials provide real-world insights into the company’s reliability and performance.
  • Industry Recognition: Awards and certifications are strong indicators of a company’s proven success and adherence to professional standards.

Follow these steps diligently to ensure you choose a house buying company with a proven record of success. This approach safeguards your interests and ensures a smooth and satisfactory sale process. By taking control of the verification process, you position yourself for a successful and stress-free property transaction.

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