5 Ways House Buyers Completely Trump Estate Agents

What can a quick cash house buying firm offer?

In our day and age a home buying company can be seen the same as an everyday cash buyer. One of the main advantages of using one is you are able to sell to them very quickly and receive cash funds for your property. There is no need to wait for them to obtain a mortgage and they are able to bypass all legal processes that this entails. With this in mind, national home buyers do expect some sort of discount on the sale price. However, for some sellers the advantages of what they offer greatly outweigh the reduced price.

1) Speed

It is not uncommon for quick property buyers to complete the sale of a property within 7 days from start to finish. This is exceedingly fast when compared to the average estate agents sale time which is more closer to the six months mark. The average sale to a quick property buyer however is a couple of weeks. Saying this, this method is still very quick and has huge appeal to those who need to sell fast and raise cash funds quickly.

2) Guaranteed sales

Traditional buyers can be fickle, there is always the risk of them changing their minds at the last minute, dropping the price or even deciding that they do not want to sell their property any more. Once quick house buying companies have agreed to buy your property, they will honor the agreement.

3) Confidentiality

One of the worries of sellers, especially those who are selling due to some sort of financial issue, is that everyone nearby will know that they are having to sell their house. It’s near impossible to keep it quiet if you go down the traditional estate agent route as the house obviously has to be advertised and people need to view it. Cash buying firms will guide you through the entire process and the only visit needed is to confirm the agreement & official valuation.

There is no public advertising at all.

4) Flexibility

In general cash buying companies are much less fussier than your typical estate agents. Traditional firms often aren’t very flexible at all. They can be fussy about types of property, conditions of property, or the areas they are in and may even refuse to market them.  Quick property buyers like HQS will buy from Scotland, North east to London – anywhere in the UK. They will always be interested in properties that other estate agents won’t market.

5) Simplicity

When selling to cash firms the sale process is made as easy as possible. The valuer is the only person who needs to visit the property, and they can do this at a time to suit you. Following the valuer’s visit you will receive a cash offer for the property. Compare this to, selling through estate agents, a lot of time will be spent waiting around while potential buyers view your house over & over as you are left hoping for them to make an offer.

In recent times it has also become a trend where-in estate agents charge the buyer a fee as well as the seller even though the buyer has already had to go through the process of outbidding rivals.  This is a big issue for potential buyers who are working on a budget & could result in them not being able to purchase your property.

A detailed article surrounding this issue was published by The Guardian, which can be read here


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