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Despite Manchester's property market going through some ups and downs over the last few years, it still remains popular among buyers so if you're looking to sell house fast in Manchester, we can help.

As expert house buyers within Manchester's local housing market we're in a unique position to offer accurate and up to date advice.

Is now the right time to sell house fast in Manchester?

Manchester is certainly a great place to have a house to sell.

Some research from Saville’s predicts that the highest growth in house prices will be in the north-west in 2022 and experts predict that this growth will be 6% in Manchester. This upward trend in prices in the city and neighbouring areas is likely to continue for up to five years which means that Manchester house price increases will outstrip both London and the UK average.

In 2021, the average house price increased by 10% in Manchester.

The increase in property prices is looking very optimistic for Manchester right now, with an increasing number of new jobs and a reasonable cost of living. 

That said, take the above with a grain of salt as prices are always fluctuating and dependant on which area of Manchester your property is situated.

In addition, the cost of living could easily rise and spiral out of control so it's important to remain calm, evaluate your options and then decide whether it's a good idea to sell your house now or sometime in the future.


The best areas to live in Manchester

List of Greater Manchester sub regions

“Manchester is known to be a safe and friendly place for tourists and locals, with a huge amount to do and see, two of the world’s top football teams, along with top flight universities and ever growing employment opportunities. When you put all this together it’s easy to see why Manchester is somewhere people want to live.”

- Manchester Evening News

Manchester has grown considerably in the last 20 years and today is one of the UK’s most famous cities well known for its world class football teams and a legendary music scene. The city has a thriving arts and cultural scene with more than 30 museums and galleries.

The heart of the city is easy to reach as there is the Metro rail link. There is an increase in the number of new jobs being created in the Manchester area especially in the business, financial and professional service sectors. Manchester offers easy access to the UK’s motorway system and rail network and for those wanting to travel further afield, the city has its own international airport.

Different parts of the city appeal to different types of house buyers, depending on whether they are single professionals, a working couple or family as schools, transport links and local facilities will all be important factors for choosing a new home.

The City Centre - Ancoats & Castlefield

Ancoats is one of the most popular places to live in the heart of the city as old mills have been transformed into beautiful apartments and their contemporary designs harmonise with the old cobbled streets and canals. Ancoats is just a 15 minute journey from the centre and is ideal for younger people as most of the housing is flats and these are reasonably priced. It is an area with great nightlife. The Northern Quarter is definitely the place to choose to live if you like action! Quirky and charming and packed with bars and restaurants, every street in this part of the city centre has its own character!

Castlefield is a lovely part of Manchester, very close to the centre and is an Urban Heritage Parkland much of it has been left unchanged. A big advantage of having this status is that the movement of traffic is very limited with plenty of pedestrian areas Castleford is a wonderful blend of Roman forts, pretty cobbled streets, canals and some very modern housing. There is a pedestrian bridge that links this area with the the main centre of Manchester.

Southern Gateway & Spinningfields

Southern Gateway really showcases modern inner city living with an eclectic blend of modern architecture and converted mills with a great range of studios and flats to suit everyone. It is popular with students as it is close to Manchester University and the MMU campus. The Green Quarter also has properties with flats and is popular as it is such a quick commute to the centre of Manchester, either using Victoria Station, the main ring road or taking a 10-15 minute walk.

Spinningfields is a popular place to live with professionals who want to be within easy reach of their work as Spinningfields is one of the commercial districts and is vibrant with plenty of pubs and restaurants and a 15 minute journey to the heart of the city.


This part of Manchester has tremendous new vitality as it has been extensively renovated in recent years. It is a market town and housing includes detached Edwardian houses which do come with a large price tag. There are many more modestly-priced housing options and this makes it popular with first time buyers. There is a thriving community spirit and good schools plus shops, an indoor market, music venues, pubs and restaurants. Reaching the city centre is quick and easy too.


Rusholme is a really popular part of the city, especially with young professionals as the house prices are cheaper. This area is also good for students as rents tend to be lower too. Importantly, for those working in one of the business centres, there is just a 30 minute commute.


This is a popular place to live for celebrities and because it is popular, this is reflected in the property prices. Didsbury lies a few kilometres both from the centre of the city and Manchester Airport which adds to its appeal. It is attractive with green areas. East Didsbury is particularly good for schools and the centre is where there are good shops and restaurants. Commuters have a choice of train, bus and Metro-link for reaching their work place.


Situated just three stops from the centre on the Metrolink is Sale which lies south-west of the city centre and is a really sought after area with a great community feel. Sale is popular with young families as property prices are good and there are properties to suit everyone including some beautiful Victorian and Edwardian detached houses ideal for growing families. There are also some attractively designed modern terraced houses.

Other popular areas in Manchester

There are a number of areas that are perfect for families and are situated just a little further out from the centre. Prestwich lies to the north and access to the city centre takes 35-45 minutes. It is an ideal choice for young families as it has a really good selection of schools for all ages and has housing to suit most budgets.

Chorlton is a great choice for families as it has several green spaces and - for football fans- it lies close to the Old Trafford ground! House prices are reasonable – both for buyers and renters and there are good amenities including a selection of schools and shops. For those wanting to reach the business areas easily, it is 15-20 minutes by tram.

Salford is equally popular with families as it has good housing options at good prices and for those needing to get to work the Metrolink provides good access to the centre of Manchester and the journey takes just 20 minutes.


What can stop you from selling your Manchester house fast?

If you're planning to sell your house fast in Manchester, don't be surprised if it ends up taking longer than you originally estimated. 

There are a number of reasons why your property could be taking longer to sell than you would like and many of them are down to good marketing.

Your choice of estate agents can also make all the difference. It will really pay dividends to choose an agent who is dynamic and has a really good window display of properties for sale which includes all the important information buyers are looking for. In addition, a good online presence with a website that is regularly updated and is easy-to-navigate goes a long way in making potential buyers comfortable to shop there.

When you are in a hurry to sell your property you may well not have the time to wait to find a buyer and plenty can go wrong until the exchange of contracts on your property. Many house owners also like to prepare their property to go on the market to get the best price and this takes precious time but is very important to get right.

How to make your home more attractive to buyers

It is important that your house is accurately priced if you want to sell house fast Manchester. An over-priced house will not be snapped up. A good estate agent with sound local knowledge can advise on the value of your house and what house buyers will be prepared to pay.

Did you prepare your house for going on the market? Does it look attractive inside with good paintwork, are all minor repairs sorted and all clutter packed away? Does your house have 'pavement appeal'? Are all the gardens tidy, with mown lawns, weeded flowerbeds and well trimmed bushes?

All of the above points can make your Manchester property more desirable and increase the amount prospective buyers will be likely to pay for it.

It is important to bear in mind that selling your house through a traditional estate agent can take time – especially if there is 'a chain' involved. In 2021 the average time for the purchase of a property from making an offer to holding the house keys in your hand was 18 weeks.

Another hold up that frequently occurs is that potential buyers have not secured a mortgage before they make an offer on a property.

Further delays can also be caused by conveyancing.


Why you may need to sell house fast in Manchester

There are many reasons that can prompt the decision to move. Personal reasons can include divorce, the need for a sizeable amount of money quickly or because you need to move closer to an elderly relative.

Good schools and local amenities can also trigger the decision to move. Often changing job or being moved to a new location by employers makes a house move inevitable. Getting a firm good cash offer based on the current market value of your property fast in these situations can be essential.

An increasing number of sellers want to move with a fast and hassle free sale of their property.


How to sell your house fast in Manchester

When it comes to selling your house quickly in private or on the open market, there are four key ways to make it happen.


How property buying specialists Housebuyers4u will allow you to sell house fast Manchester

We are a national property buying company who can help you sell your house fast in Manchester with ease.

We buy properties in all parts of the UK including homes in Manchester.

Whether your home is a flat, a terraced house, a semi-detached or a detached property, we will buy it. The same applies whether it is an older property or a new-build. In fact we buy any house for cash whatever its condition and are known for our fair offers.

Our team is made up of experienced property experts who will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the sale of your home is goes through quickly & is as seamless as possible.

At Housebuyers4u, you are in control of the sale. The time frame is entirely dependent on how soon you will like to close the sale. We buy properties fast, sometimes in as little as 7 days so you do not have to worry about long waiting periods.

Our trading style is relaxed and straight forward as we want to buy property quickly. It begins with a simple online form for you to complete - completely free of charge. There are no hidden costs such as solicitor fees and legal costs. We make you a genuine cash offer for your property and with no additional charges. Our service is very transparent and you are under no obligation to take our offer.

We give our customers peace of mind too because we are a legitimate company and belong to a number of regulatory bodies including the National Association of Property Buyers and Property Ombudsman. We can help our customers sell their homes in Manchester quickly and easily.

When you sell to Housebuyers4u there is no waiting around and payment is made fast. Choosing to sell your house fast with us takes away all the stress and burden that comes with selling a home using more traditional methods.


Areas we buy property fast in Manchester

Manchester is a very popular city. We buy houses of all property types, shapes, sizes and in any location within the city.

The cash offer we make on your property comes with no estate agent fees and hidden charges and we can complete the property purchase at a speed to suit you - in as little as 7 days if needed! We are keen to buy properties in all parts of Manchester & Greater Manchester. These include:

  • Abbey Hey
  • Alport Town
  • Ancoats
  • Ardwick
  • Ardwick Green
  • Baguley
  • Barlow Moor
  • Belle Vue
  • Benchill
  • Beswick
  • Blackley
  • Bradford-with-Beswick
  • Bradford
  • Brooklands
  • Burnage
  • Burnage (ward)
  • Castlefield
  • Cheetham
  • Chorlton (ward)
  • Chorlton Park (ward)
  • Chorlton-cum-Hardy
  • Chorlton-on-Medlock
  • Chorltonville
  • Circle Square Manchester
  • Clayton
  • Didsbury
  • Fallowfield
  • Glenbrook
  • Gorton
  • Great Heaton
  • Green Quarter
  • Greenheys
  • Harpurhey
  • Highfield Country Park
  • Hulme
  • Ladybarn
  • Levenshulme
  • Longsight
  • Manchester city centre
  • Merseybank
  • Miles Platting
  • Moss Side
  • Moston
  • Newton Heath
  • Parrs Wood
  • Peel Hall, Wythenshawe
  • Ringway, Greater Manchester
  • Sharston
  • Smedley
  • Spinningfields
  • St John's
  • Strangeways
  • Victoria Park
  • West Gorton
  • Whalley Range
  • Withington
  • Woodhouse Park

Other locations we buy properties in

Scotland Leeds London
Liverpool Birmingham


Wales Sheffield  

How much we will pay for your house in Manchester

With Housebuyer4u, the process of selling your Manchester house fast is a fair and stress free. Once you contact us we will give you a free cash offer for your house in Manchester. This offer is based on the current market value and the condition of your property. We are experienced property buyers and we'll do our best to give you the best offer for your property.

When you agree to our cash offer, we will agree on a completion date and when the money will be deposited into your bank account. After that we will exchange contracts with you and the purchase of your house will be complete.

Because we buy in cash there is absolutely no delay in the completion of the sale and we do not charge commission. There are no hidden fees.

In addition, we are members of the national association of property buyers and have an excellent reputation for the service we provide. We give you full transparency at every stage.

Our customers can attest to our exceptional customer service in the form of multiple 5 star reviews!


We're monitored by reputable industry organisations


FAQ: How to sell house fast Manchester



Can you sell a house in 7 days?

Yes it is possible to sell a house in seven days if you use a quick house sale company like Housebuyers4u. This is because we will buy the house directly so there is no third party involvement, no mortgage companies to deal with and no property chains. 

The above allows us to skip the usual steps involved in a house sale and complete within 7 days or a time-scale that suits you.


Why choose us to sell your house fast in Manchester?

We are an experienced company that operates nationwide. We have a good reputation and we are a legitimate quick house sale company working to the highest standards. We are members of the National Association of Property Buyers and the Property Ombudsman. We pride ourselves on our fast, efficient and totally transparent service. We buy in cash and can complete the sale of your home in as little as 7 days if needs be.


Is now the right time to sell my Manchester property?

Property prices are rising quicker in the north-west than in any other part of the UK - including London. Last year the average house price increased by 10% in Manchester and this upward trend is likely to continue for another five years. Manchester is a really popular city so property both near the city centre and in Greater Manchester are always in demand.


How to sell your house fast in Manchester?

The fastest way to sell a house fast in Manchester is by using a house buying company like Housebuyers4u.

We buy any house in any condition regardless of it's condition or your personal circumstances.

We buy in cash which allows us avoid all middle-men and complete the sale of a property in just 7 days (or a timescale that suits you).

Get a no-obligation Cash offer for your Manchester property

You get a no stress call back from a Property adviser & that includes a Free Valuation

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