Success story – Portsmouth relocation house sale

Frontal view of a house in Portsmouth successfully bought by housebuyers4u

Sale details:

  • Location: Ewart road, Portsmouth
  • Purchase price: £96,000
  • For sale price: £111,000
  • Purchase % value: 86%

Mrs Janet from Portsmouth sold in 12 days with no hassle or risk of falling through.

The daughter wanted her elderly mother to move closer to her in London. She got in touch with HB4U and arranged for a quick, hassle free sale as her elderly mother could not cope with decorating and viewings in addition to the uncertainty of when the house would actually sell. The house had been neglected and suffered from structural faults. HB4U still bought the house within 12 days and allowed an additional 2 weeks as per the request of her daughter giving them the time to move out. Sale completed in 12 days just before Christmas.


Testimonial from 3rd party Feefo independent review:

Did everything promised to do within the allotted time frame. Recommend this company to anyone. Dealt with all legal paperwork and paid on time. Fantastic!.

Mrs Jane. D



Sell the house quickly factoring in additional 2 weeks after the sale to allow Jane (the homeowner) plenty of time to move out.

Key obstacle for seller:

Jane was elderly and had little time or facilitate the house sale, one to one help was required every step of the way.


 Jane's house was successfully sold within 12 days with no delays and with the minimum of hassle.

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