How to Look Up a Quick Sale Company Using Google (2024 Guide)

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Are you concerned about the reliability of your quick sale company?

Learn how to check the reputation of a quick sale company with these simple Google search steps.

Step 1) Start with a Simple Google Search

A google search

Begin by typing the name of the quick sale company into Google’s search bar. Include keywords like "reviews," "complaints," or "scam" to find relevant information.

What to Do:

  1. Open Google in Your Web Browser:

    • Launch your preferred web browser and go to Google.
  2. Type the Company’s Name Followed by "Reviews":

    • In the search bar, type the name of the company followed by "reviews." For example, "Housebuyers4u company reviews."
    • Press Enter to see the search results.
  3. Repeat the Search with Other Keywords:

    • Perform additional searches with variations of the company name followed by terms like "complaints" and "scam."
    • Examples:

This initial search can quickly reveal any common issues or red flags associated with the company. By using these keywords, you can uncover a range of experiences from previous clients, helping you identify patterns of behaviour that could indicate whether the company is reputable or potentially problematic.

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Step 2) Check the Company’s Website

check company affiliations on their about us or footer pages

Visit the company’s official website to gather basic information and verify their claims.

What to Do:

  1. Look for an "About Us" Page:

    • Navigate to the "About Us" page to understand the company’s background, history, and mission. This section often provides insight into the company’s values and operational history.
  2. Check for Contact Information:

    • Locate the contact information, usually found on the "Contact Us" page or in the website’s footer. Ensure the address, phone number, and email match the details you found in your Google search.
  3. Look for Badges or Memberships to Industry Bodies:

    • Check for badges or logos indicating membership in reputable industry bodies or associations, such as the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) or The Property Ombudsman (TPO).
    • Make a note of these affiliations and verify them separately by visiting the respective organisations' websites.

Why It Matters: A legitimate sell house fast company should have a professional website with clear, accurate information. The "About Us" page provides context about the company’s operations and ethos, while consistent contact details add credibility. Badges and memberships to industry bodies indicate that the company adheres to professional standards and ethical practices. Verifying these elements helps confirm the company’s legitimacy and reliability, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Step 3) Investigate the Directors

companies house website search

You should conduct a search for the names of the company’s directors to learn their professional history and any potential issues.

What to Do:

  1. Search for the Names of the Directors:

    • Visit the company’s website or the Companies House website to find the names of the directors.
    • Use a search engine to look up each director by name, including keywords such as "profile" or "background" (e.g., "John Doe profile").
  2. Look for LinkedIn Profiles:

    • Search for the directors on LinkedIn to verify their professional background.
    • Check their employment history, endorsements, and connections to assess their credibility and experience in the industry.
  3. Check for News Articles or Public Records:

    • Use Google News or other news databases to search for articles mentioning the directors.
    • Look for any public records or legal documents that might indicate past issues or controversies.

The reputation and history of the directors can provide significant insight into the trustworthiness of the company. Directors with a solid professional background and positive public presence are more likely to run a reputable company. Conversely, directors with a history of complaints, legal issues, or negative press can signal potential problems.

Bonus Step: Read Online Reviews to Guage Reputation

where to find online reviews for home buying companies

Although not an essential step, reading online reviews can help you determine a company's reputation and combining it with the above steps using Google and Companies House should give you a good overall picture of the company.

What to Do:

  1. Visit Review Sites:

  2. Read a Mix of Positive and Negative Reviews:

    • Make sure to read a variety of reviews to get a balanced perspective.
    • Focus on detailed reviews that provide specific information about the customer’s experience.
  3. Pay Attention to Recurring Themes:

    • Look for patterns in the feedback. Are there recurring issues or consistent praise?
    • Take note of how the company responds to negative reviews and whether they address customer concerns effectively.

According to HomeOwners Alliance, around 33% of property sales fall through each year in the UK and some of them are due to sellers not doing their due diligence on a company. This statistic underscores the importance of thorough checks and verifying the reputation of a quick sale company to avoid potential complications and secure a successful transaction.

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Final Thoughts and Key Takeaways

Checking a quick sale company’s credibility using Google involves a few crucial steps: performing a simple search, reviewing the company’s website, investigating the directors, reading online reviews, and searching for news articles and forum discussions.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Perform a Simple Google Search: Start by searching the company’s name along with terms like "reviews," "complaints," or "scam" to uncover any red flags.
  2. Review the Company’s Website: Check the "About Us" page for background information, verify contact details, and look for badges or memberships to industry bodies.
  3. Investigate the Directors: Search for the names of the company’s directors, review their LinkedIn profiles, and check for any news articles or public records that mention them.
  4. Read Online Reviews: Look up customer reviews on platforms like Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and Yelp, and pay attention to recurring themes in the feedback.
  5. Search for News Articles and Forums: Look for additional insights by searching for news coverage and forum discussions about the company.

Follow these steps carefully to ensure you choose a reputable company for your quick property sale. This diligence protects you from potential scams and helps ensure a smooth, trouble-free transaction.

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