Top 10 Quality Home Improvements Apps

Top 10 home improvement applications

We look at 10 of the best home improvements apps available on smart-phones these days. Some apps are available for both Android & iOS and some are not.


App name: iFixit
Platform: Android & iOS
Cost: Free


This application focuses on do it yourself repairs. It has many guides featured all sorts of different appliances, gadgets & more. These include, smart-phones, household appliances, cars & much more more. The app allows your to browse by category or model type making it very user friendly.



App name: Home Design 3D
Platform: Android & iOS
Cost: Freemium

Home Design 3D phone app

This app allows you to create, design & customize all your plans and ideas. Whether you want to redecorate, redesign or create the home of your dreams, Home Design 3D will allow you to do this and more. It features a very easy drag and drop system, easy to use interface and more than 800 different objects & joinery for the house or garden.



App name: Homestyler Interior Design
Platform: Android & iOs
Cost: Free

Homestyler phone app

Take the guess work out of home remodelling with the homstyler interior design app. Place 3D models of real furniture in your home, hang lighting fixtures and see how actual images on your own living space look like before buying!



App name: Snapguide
Platform: iOS
Cost: Free


Snapguide features many ‘how to’ guides. These range from topics such as gardening, automotive, arts & crafts and much more. You can even like & share guides or even create your own if you feel you can offer valuable advice to the snapguide users.



App name: iHandy Carpenter
Platform: iOS
Cost: £1.49


There is a similar (free) version of this app available on the android market called ‘Bubble’

iHandy carpenter and bubble both take advantage of your smart-phones build in motion sensors which allow you to use them as tools. IHandy includes a ‘bubble’ level bar which allows you to check flat surfaces. It also features a 180 degrees capable protractor and a on-screen ruler.



App name: Handyman Calculator
Platform: Android
Cost: Free


The handyman calculator has in it a huge number of different calculation & conversion tools. These include nit conversions, fractional calculators, density calculators, arc length and even rebar weight. This app is ideal or DIY people, construction workers and handyman in general.



App name: MagicPlan
Platform: Android & iOS
Cost: Freemium

Magicplan phone app

MagicPlan creates inside maps. It measures your rooms and draws your floor plan just by taking pictures. Simply add objects, annotations, and attributes like furniture, doors and windows to create an inside map. This app also allows you to share your work with other MagicPlan users in a number of different formats such as pdf, jpeg, png, svg and more for a small fee.



App name: Houzz
Platform: Android & iOS
Cost: Free

Houzz phone app

The official Houzz app serves as a huge platform articles, discussions and photographs that home improvement newbies or even experts alike can consult for inspiration and help. It is also great for people who enjoy interior design as there is just so much information & ideas available.



App name: WikiHow
Platform: Android & iOS
Cost: Free

Wiki how phone app

This one is already quite well known. WikiHow is another great source for ideas, inspiration, ‘how to’ guides and more – WikiHow has it all. Simply select a category and you’re good to go.



App name: Roomscan Pro
Platform: iOS
Cost: £3.99

Roomscan pro phone app

Just like apps such as iHandy carpenter, RoomScan Pro takes advantage of your smart-phone’s motion sensors to quickly scan and record your room and floor plan layouts. All you have to do is tap your smart-phone on the wall and wait for the beeping sound. Do the same for each wall and door frame that you want to record. After this, roomscan gets to work and draws up a floor plan based on your recordings.

Roomscan Pro recommends visiting Locometric’s demo page before you purchase!

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