Impressing Buyers with your Home

Homebuyers and an estate agent viewing a property

Impressing Buyers with your Home

So you are now ready to sell your home. The next step would be to ensure your house looks as ascetically appealing as possible. Even the most minor changes or retouches can leave a lasting impression on potential buyers and help you bag a great deal.

Put on a buyer’s hat

Look at your property from a buyers perspective, what would they notice? Note down everything and work on fixing & improving on these issues first.

De-clutter and clean

Some more obvious touch-ups include, disposing of any mess & clutter, tidying up closets and removing any unnecessary large furniture.

Pay attention to your fireplace, windows, faucets and furniture on display. If you’re too busy to do the deep cleaning yourself – it’s totally fine. Hire a cleaning service!

Extra items are a big turn off – Remove them

Get rid of anything that does not need to be there and makes your home look untidy, these include item such as, shoes, appliances, magazines, stacks of mail, family photos & paintings. If you have large furniture which makes it seem like there is less space than there actually is, get rid of that as well. The last thing you want is potential buyers thinking there is not enough room to walk around in when there really is.

Your goal should be to make buyers notice how great your home would be to live in.

Let the light in

Buyers can only focus on your home when they can see everything properly so having well lit rooms can make a huge difference to potential buyers while they are viewing. Repaint your walls in neutral tones (that bright yellow or red wall could actually turn off a good number of potential buyers) and open up windows to make way for natural light.

Remember, well-lit rooms with white walls look bigger and more inviting.

Don’t ignore the aesthetics

Don’t mistake aesthetics as clutter! Having potted plants inside or a few pretty flower beds at the entrance is a great way to make your home feel more homely to potential buyers. Be sure your plants are in good health and are placed appropriate. Fix any peeling paint on the outside walls if needed.

Don’t forget to keep the walkway clear.

Minor changes can make a huge difference

Minor tweaks such as fixing loose doorknobs,  faulty wires and leaky faucets can make a huge difference in the overall feel of your home.

Double-check your home’s exterior looks just as good. When it comes to presenting your home, keep the bathroom & toilet doors shut. You will be surprised how effective this little trick is.


Tip: If you are on a tight budget, just work on the front entrance. The quote ‘ You never get a second chance to make a first impression comes to mind’ Getting potentials buyers interested as soon as they walk in can go a long way.


Also, request buyers to make an appointment! This will give you a chance to make last minute adjustments and get things in order.


Here are a few precautions to take during house viewings.

  • Keep your expensive gadgets and other valuables hidden during house viewing.
  • Watch for strong smells – smoking, cooking, and pets! Your potential buyers may not be fond of pets so keep them under control.
  • Clear kitchen counters and check the bathroom is clean.

The best strategy would be to start showing your best areas first. Do not however hinder buyers in any way, let them look around to their hearts content.

If you still require a bit more information on how you can prepare your home for sale, we recommend checking out an article written by Primelocation which expands a little more on what we have discussed already.

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