7 Spring Cleaning Tips you Must Follow

Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year again, the sun is out more, you can see the flowers in your garden starting to bloom and you are spending more and more time outside so what’s next? It’s time for a little spring cleaning!

For most people the true satisfaction of spring cleaning only comes after everything is done and your home is ready and looking good for any guests just before summer kicks in.

Spring cleaning will always take a fair amount of time and effort and it’s not always easy to manage. However, if you set yourself targets and put together a schedule your spring cleaning can become a more effective and enjoyable experience.

We have put together a list of 7 spring cleaning tips you can follow which will not only give you ideas on what you can clean during this period but also ways you can go about cleaning to make it easier on yourself.

As a homeowner, we advise you look through our list and jot down everything you hope to get done. Next, you should put together a realistic schedule on which days you expect to do what and how long you intend to do it. This will help you manage your time much easier.

You should also keep in mind that it is highly unlikely that you will complete everything in just one weekend or a couple of days so you should try to spread out the tasks over a period of a few weeks or whatever suits your schedule. Once you have done this, all that remains is for you to decide where you want to begin the cleaning. Whether that is outdoors, in the attic or even in the kitchen – that is entirely up to you!

1) Clean carpets and rugs

Clean carpets and rugs

Your carpets and rugs will have gathered a multitude of dust, dirt, germs, bacteria and more over the course of winter so it’s time to give them a nice deep clean. A fast and effective way to do this would be to rent out a carpet cleaner machine from a DIY store. Before you begin cleaning however, you should test the carpet cleaner and any shampoo/cleaner given with it on an isolated piece of carpet to ensure the chemicals don’t cause your carpet to bleach or discolor. Once this is done, you can begin cleaning.

If you prefer not to rent out a carpet cleaner machine, you should purchase some professional carpet cleaner & a cloth from a reputable store and use that to clean your carpets. Opening windows can help dry out your carpets quicker.

2) Wipe down walls and woodwork

This includes wiping down cabinets and other fixtures and fittings in the house. In general you probably won’t be able to tell how dirty the walls are as most the dust gathered generally falls onto the floors but enough remains to warrant a clean. You can easily remove dust with a vacuum and then use a solvent free de-greaser or detergent to wipe down the walls. Be sure to test any cleaning products on inconspicuous areas first to ensure it does not stain any surfaces.

3) Dust books and shelves


The best way to go about dusting is to remove everything off the shelves to one side and then dust away! Using a vacuum will make dusting a little quicker but you can also just use a cloth. If your drapes are looking a little drab, remove the hooks and clean off the dust outside. The same can be done with pillows, take them outside, dust them off and let them hang on the clothes line for the best results.

4) Spend some time vacuuming

Vacuuming the whole house can be a long winded and tedious process but it can be sped up if you clean intelligently. Moving around big furniture is what usually takes up the most time so instead of pulling it out of it’s place completely and then move it back, just move it slightly and then vacuum the areas underneath. The cleaning result will be similar and you will be saving yourself a lot of time and backache!

5) Clean ceilings and any ceiling fixtures

Both ceilings and ceiling fixtures will have gathered a fair amount of dust during winter so they will definitely need dusting down and then cleaning. Again, this can be done with a vacuum and cloth. Don’t forget to clean any air conditioner vents as well if you have them!

6) Wash windows and polish any window and door fittings

Start with the fittings and woodwork around your windows and doors. Polish impregnated clothes will work well and give frames a nice finish. For your windows simply use some good quality glass cleaner and wipe them down thoroughly.

This would also be a great time to check if your windows are safe and secure. Click here for more information on how to increase your homes security

7) Clean your fridges, freezers & check the coils

Clean fridges

Although most people clean fridges and freezers on a regular basis already, now it’s time to give them a nice deep clean. Start by taking out all the slides and cleaning them individually. Then you can then go ahead and clean the inside thoroughly.

After this, it’s time to clean the outside of it as well as cleaning the refrigerators condenser coil. This will no doubt have dust on it so you can start by moving out your fridge and then vacuuming the dust off. Then simply clean it over with a cloth to give it a nice finish. Be sure to clean the area where the fridge usually is as well.

We hope our tips will get your house looking great for the summer!


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