6 ways to get more out of your house viewings

Remember every home can sell, you just need to get
the right people viewing it!

If you are struggling to sell your home, do not stress over it too much, not everything goes the way you want it too! Instead, carry on reading. Below we have complied a list of simple steps you can take which you can use to impress buyers and sell your home.

  1.  As with many things, the main deciding factor is  almost always money so one of the best ways to keep buyers interested and happy is to price your home correctly.  Homeowners are often tempted to push prices up during peak selling seasons and this sadly causes their home to sit on the market until the price is adjusted.
  2. Look at your home from a buyers perspective. Yes, imagine this place isn’t yours, would you be willing to dip into your savings and buy it? What does this mean exactly? We have highlighted some points below:

Keep the decoration nice and simple and make your home look as big and cozy as possible. Make sure you keep hidden all extra clutter items such as kitchen appliances. Check your bathroom and ensure all personal items are put away in cabinets. A few other things you can do include:


  • Having the curtains drawn back to allow some natural light into the rooms.
  • Ensure temperatures remain comfortable as buyers are looking around
  • How does your lawn look? Does it look presentable?
  • Do you need to do some touching up on any walls?
  • Is your floor in good condition?
  • Is your home spotlessly clean? Even in the corners?
  • Have you put away all magazines? Is that laundry basket visible?


  1. Do some research and see what your potential competitors are doing. If some homes in your area have already sold, ask the previous owners for advice. Pay extra attention to homes that have been on the market for a while and still haven’t sold. This should help you identify things you are doing wrong. Even a quick survey should be good enough.
  2. If you haven’t tried multiple marketing platforms – get into action. Remember, no single marketing method is sufficient to attract serious buyers. Marketing across different platforms (online and traditional) will give you a chance to interact with different buyers and you may find the right person.
  3. Make sure to give potential buyers plenty of space and time to make their own decisions. Try not to follow around too much or it may make them feel uncomfortable. That being said, make sure you are always close by to answers an queries they may have.

Following the buyer closely can make them nervous. They would feel rushed, awkward and hesitate to speak about what they like or dislike about your home.

What’s even worse is that you can appear too eager to sell your home which may hurt your chances of grabbing a good price. If you’re not comfortable with buyers walking around alone, ask your agent to accompany them.

Something else to consider, before a potential buyer even steps foot into your home is curb appeal. Curb appeal is something that could make your home look attractive to the buyer instantly. Spend a few minutes analyzing your home honestly. You will surely understand what needs to be changed to get better results.


Curb appeal can make a huge difference!

It’s always wise to be open to negative comments and harsh feedback, constructive criticism isn’t a bad thing. Don’t get upset – give people a chance to talk about what they don’t like about the house. In fact, consider negative feedback a blessing in disguise. You can use the feedback to your advantage and make your home standout in the market.

  1. Your home won’t sell if your real estate agent isn’t putting in the efforts. And this is one reason most homeowners easily overlook.

Be sure to stay in constant contact with your estate agent during the sales process. The agents job is to get your property sold. In many cases agents do not put in their full efforts which inevitably leads to your property staying on the market for a lot longer than it should.

Some agents hope your home sells itself once it gets to the listing. Others may not have enough time for you. Instead of waiting for a potential buyer, find out what your real estate agent is doing to sell your home. Let them know you are not pleased with the progress and discuss how you can make this relationship work.

The Telegraph recently published an article discussing this very issue & includes information on “How to get the best house price and beat your neighbor to a sale“. To view this article, simply click here

Keep in mine as with every job, there are good real estate agents and there are terrible ones!


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