9 Top Tips for Selling your Home Privately

For Sale by Owner

1) Setting the right price

Do your research. If your price is too high potential buyers may not even look at it. Look out for properties similar to yours and see how much they have sold for. Websites such as rightmove can give you a great idea on what your property is potentially worth. You can also visit the Land registry website for some extra information.

Almost all offers you receive will be below your asking price so you may want to add 5-10% so you can at least get the amount you want when an offer does come in.

2) Make your house more appealing

To potential buyers. Get rid of all any extra clutter, make your rooms spacious and be sure to finish off all the ‘little’ jobs that you have been putting off. These could include, fixing door handles, replacing some broken tiles or even a quick paint job on rooms where it is needed.

For some extra information on how to make your home more appealing check out some of our more in depth guides below:

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3) List your property for sale

As you are a private seller, you will not be able to list your property on websites like Zoopla or Rightmove. You will have to use ‘for sale by owner’ like websites such as Houseweb and Houseladder. The basic listing for these type of websites is normally free, however, if you want a ‘package’ you will have to pay a little. Prices vary depending on the website and package type.

Don’t forget you also have social media such tools as Facebook and Twitter at your disposal. Also, remember that you can add traditional methods of advertisements such as advertising in your local newspaper if it has a good following.

4) Get organised – prepare your paperwork in advance

This seems very logical but often overlooked. Having everything ready can make the whole selling process run more smoothly. This includes making sure all guarantee’s, planning permission & certificates are available.

5) Viewings

This is pretty straight forward if you are paying an estate agent as they will do it all for you. Firstly if you are planning to pitch the property to potential buyers yourself, it is good to practice it beforehand as well as plan a route around your property which you think will impress buyers the most.

If you think you may need help during the process, ask friends or family to help out & if you cannot afford to book appointments during the week because of work commitments, arrange them for weekends only. There are always alternatives.

6) Negotiating a price

When it comes to negotiating a price for your home it is important to keep a calm & clear head and not become intimidated by price negotiation.

One key point is to decide on a figure and stick by it no matter what. Do not go below that figure regardless of how anxious you maybe to sell your home.

If negotiations fall through & you have to turn down an offer be sure to do it in a friendly manner. Always end things on a good note as you never know, the potential buyer may return with an improved offer further down the line.

7) Accepting an offer

If you receive an offer you are happy with accept the offer verbally first and then again by e-mail or post. Keep in mind that nothing is concrete or legally binding until the exchange of contracts which will likely take several weeks.

8) Your Solicitor

Once you’ve accepted an offer for your property you will then need to instruct your solicitor or conveyancer to do the legal work. Just as you would when employing the services of any professional, be sure to do your research & pick one that caters for your needs.

Shop around and try to gain recommendations from friends & then choose the best one.

9) You might have to deal with re-negotiations

If the buyer instructed their own surveyor to check your property and their check turns up additional faults in your property you may have to change your agreed price.

If this happens firstly, you need to make sure their claims have substance by having the buyer show you the full survey report. If there are genuine problems that have to be addressed aim to to split the cost. In many cases though, this is just an attempt to try and have you lower the price on your property so stay vigilant and stand firm.

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